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10 June 2008

  • 10th June 2008

    Lesbos islanders in court over use of word ‘lesbians’

    e court case comes as the first gay marriages in Greece took place

    11:23 PM — A court hearing begins in Athens today that is set to add to the debates about gay rights in one of Europe's more conservative countries.

  • Pride barbecues? Some friendly tips

    Ready to set the bbq up yet?

    9:33 PM — A bit of sun is the only excuse us Brits need to get the barbecue out and with Pride events on the calender across the country, there's even more of an excuse.

  • Gardening tips for June

    Prune and shape spring-flowering plants and deadhead summer ones to encourage more growth.

    9:29 PM — June is a great time to be outside: the weather is warm, but without the prolonged heat and humidity that’s sure to follow. Annuals and perennials are blooming, and if you’re lucky enough to have planted an early edible garden, you can harvest salad greens, spinach, peas and strawberries.

  • Gardening: A gay gazebo for your garden?

    A gazebo for your gay garden?

    9:23 PM — In Victorian times, a garden gazebo was a place for the ladies to retreat from the sun so as not to mar their perfect, porcelain skin. Today, gazebos can be used in a multitude of ways and can be designed to fit into any landscape. If you are thinking of adding a gazebo to your garden, there are some basic questions you will need to consider.

  • Feature: The dos and don’ts of décor

    The dos and don'ts all explained for you

    9:14 PM — When it comes to placing furnishing, soft furnishings and accessories in a nicely decorated room, there are a few design industry dos and don'ts to follow. These help to get a room in good proportion and style.

  • Bring a little green to your interiors

    Flowers can make all the difference

    9:10 PM — Interior designers spend time and money on the finishing touches that bring a room’s design together. Simple additions like living plants and fresh cut flowers can add a sense of calm and breathe life into a room’s design. But these are all too often ignored.

  • Interior design for exterior rooms

    The perfect home garden or garden home or... you get the picture

    9:07 PM — Homeowners have become inspired to integrate their garden with their interiors, and vice versa. Terraces mean that outdoor garden areas have become an extension of the home and an ideal introduction to your garden. It is a room with the best view in the house.

  • DIY:Eco-friendly floors

    Are eco-friendly floors a reality?

    9:00 PM — For a touch of class and a natural modern feel, you can’t beat a real wood floor. It goes with every colour scheme, looks elegant and is easy to clean. But is not necessarily the most environment-friendly of options.

  • Beauty without boldness

    Globaltex Tropicana collection: fabric designs inspired from fresh, vibrant, tropical and natural forms with a contemporary feel.

    8:42 PM — It’s nice to be able to keep up with current trends in home furnishings and interiors but we also have to live in our homes, and while this season’s chocolate and mocha seem inviting, the similarly trendy fuchsia and aqua shades could prove a little irksome after time.

  • Travel: Are you brave enough to be haunted?

    Fancy some haunted house fun?

    8:37 PM — For most people the thought of unwanted ghostly visitors lurking in their hotel would send a shiver down the spine, but for others its half the fun. If cold spots, mysterious noises and ghoulish sights are your idea of the perfect holiday accommodation then a haunted break could make the ideal getaway.

  • Travel: Fancy trying a hostel? 1

    Hostels can be a great fun

    8:31 PM — When thinking of where to stay on your summer holiday, a hostel might not be top of your list. Once thought of as crime-ridden, dirty squalid housing for students and vagabonds, hostels are now considered economical and more sociable alternatives to big chain hotels and resorts.

  • Travel: Turkish delights

    Travel to Turkey?

    8:23 PM — Fancy a break that offers more than a week in an average hotel or a whirlwind city guidebook tour of your destination? If you’re looking for a holiday that’s far from the madding crowd or something with a slightly different twist, then travel company Journey Anatolia might just have the ideal options for you.

  • Travel: Indiana Jones style Latin America

    Indiana Jones style travel

    8:12 PM — As heroic adventurer Indiana Jones gets set to return to the silver screen this year in the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull you might be left wishing you could have an adventure of your own.

  • Ugandan bishop attacks European attitude towards gays 2

    95% of Ugandans want homosexual acts to remain illegal

    6:19 PM — An Anglican bishop has urged the government of Uganda to keep homosexuality illegal. Eria Paul Luzinda said that "not all that comes from Europe is superior and must be taken up."

  • Gay MEP slams Daily Mail report as “inaccurate and highly misleading” 6

    Mr Cashman became a Labour MEP in 1999

    5:36 PM — Michael Cashman has defended himself against accusations that he and his partner are taking advantage of MEP staff allowances.

  • US gay rights group endorses Obama and attacks McCain

    Americans will vote for their next President on November 4th

    4:59 PM — The Democratic nominee for President of the United States has said that gay rights issues are used to divide Americans and he is proud to have been endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign.

  • Catholics take out ads in “battle for America’s soul” 6

    TFP was founded by a group of Catholic Americans in 1973

    4:23 PM — A Roman Catholic group in America has taken out a two-page advert in three major US newspapers, calling on Christians to 'battle for America's soul.'

  • Mother and son in court accused of attack on lesbian couple

    Lincoln magistrates court was told that Ricky Holland shouted homophobic slurs

    4:07 PM — A mother and her son are on trial for accused of homophobic assaults on their lesbian neighbours. Jennifer Warne and Marie Neasham were returning home from the pub on New Year's Day.

  • Lithuania faces EU sanctions over sexual orientation protections

    "I must warn Lithuania, that sanctions will follow"

    3:51 PM — The Lithuanian parliament, the Seimas, will vote today on whether to remove sexual orientation, age and disability from a new draft law on equal opportunities.

  • NI police confirm investigation but not number of complaints about Iris comments

    Police refused to comment on how many complaints about Iris Robinson they have received

    3:28 PM — A spokesperson for the Police Service of Northern Ireland has refused to comment on how many complaints about Iris Robinson they have received.

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