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Homosexuality a destructive sin, claims “caring” Russian Orthodox Church

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  1. Hmmm, where’s maccoinnich, to say the Russian Church should be allowed to “express itself freely”?


  2. I don’t think he need to be silenced so much as he needs to explain himself. What the hell does this mean?

    “However, if you are trying to propagate your sin by seducing and degrading people, society must oppose it.”

    Who is the referenced people being “degraded”? The people taking part in the parade? Well, wouldn’t that be the “sin” that just earlier he said people were free to engage in? And what sense does it make to say “seducing” unless you know that someone was seduced into homosexuality be a gay pride parade? In order to do that, you have to prove that “the seduced” weren’t already homosexual and “sinning”.

    He screwed up himself by permissively saying that people can sin if they want. He has no argument then.

    If more reporters/people demanded answers to such senseless statement we’d be on the right track.

  3. I can’t see one thing wrong with the Russian Priests statement.

    He said:

    Homosexuality is a destructive sin. True!
    Homosexuals who say they are happy are lying. True.
    They are deeply unhappy. True.
    It’s not by chance that they die earlier and there’re more suicides, drug addicts and alcoholics among them. Again TRUE!

    It is sad that when someone tells the truth about homosexuality it is certain that your groups will cry and moan. Why don’t you spend your energies on finding cure for your sick lifestyle?

    1. If you really agree with this “loving” priest, then you obviously know no homosexuals, and are repressing your own homosexuality “to be happier”. Also, the only reason some homosexuals die earlier is because they are driven to suicide by hateful people such as yourself.

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