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TiVo in hot water over links to homophobes

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Reader comments

  1. My recommendation to the LGBT activists is to invest into TiVo stock and try to influence the company’s decisions as shareholders, rather than politically.

  2. I took a look on the contest web site and did not see TiVo listed as a sponsor. Perhaps they just bought a TiVo to give away.

    “James Dobson, routinely makes false claims about gay and lesbian parents,” Ms Chrysler said.

    Well aparently Ms. Chrysler is making false claims against TiVo.

  3. How could dnila miss the giant TiVo logo an the FOcus on the Family website describing the competition? You don’t have to be ‘listed” as a sponsor. The presence of your logo says it all. Dobson is a well-known nut case, but a daqngerous one nevertheless.

  4. elizabethveldon 6 Jun 2008, 5:30pm

    you know that link on the comment defending TIVO and Focus on the family? It links back to Focus on The Family.

    Jesus, if you’re gona use a sock pupet…

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