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Muslim gang attacks gay catwalk model

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  1. I shouldn’t agree, but unfortunatelyI do. We don’t need these people – if they want citizenship in secular liberal democracies they MUST accept the strings that go with it. We shouldn’t harbour them just because they may be in danger if they’re sent back, aftreall they endanger us by being here!!

  2. I agree that migrants must accept our laws and the “string that go with our liberal democracies”, but removing them of their citizenship that’s just sick and undemocratic! Ok, they committed a crime and they should be punished, like all other Dutch people are. But taking away their citizenship would mean that we allow two create 2 kinds of citizens to exist : you may have a Dutch passport, but it can be removed if you do something wrong. We just can’t forget that, although this is a horrible crime, we still live in a constitutional state (Rechtsstaat), and we just can’t discriminate between 2 person that have the same nationality.
    And I would just like to add, that a lot of those young Muslim people were already born in the Netherlands !

    We just can’t be too much emotional with that kind of subject, we ought to listen to reason.

  3. It seems that ignorance can only really be combated with education. I’m shocked this would happen in broad daylight at an event to promote tolerance, but the lesson here is that tolerance comes with understanding. The larger society should understand the kind of religious indoctrination these kids go through, and should work to overcome that, instead of just kicking them to the other side of the border.

  4. Terry Floyd Johnson 6 Jun 2008, 8:13pm

    The ten youths, who attacked the gay model, should be charged with a crime, but not deported, unless they have a history of violence against gays or anyone else.

    If they have a history of violence, and of anti-gay violence, then they either must have counseling for their irrational hatred of gays, or face deportation, where they must prove they can live with diversity, and not their own sick belief they are better than gays or bis.

  5. If it was a Christian, Sikh, Jewish or Hindu gang you wouldnt refer to the gang as their religion you people are showing your true racial hatred towards the muslims

  6. The first question would be have these guys been charged with the crime, and then are they guilty. After that comes the punishment. If they are natural born citizens cannot be deported, however if immigrants then I would lean toward deportation. Although under certain circumstances even natural born citizens could be exiled. Perhaps that could be their choice, if found guilty either spend some years in prison, or leave and never be allowed to return.

  7. Stephanie 7 Jun 2008, 5:16am

    This is what happens when you tolerate intolerance. People are tolerating and making excuses for the ‘uglies’ of Islam. Out of fear mostly, but that is no excuse! We must stop tolerating the intolerance within Islamic laws and traditions out of some multi-cultural PC can’t-criticise any group (unless they are male white Christians). This had to end because intolerant vilent Muslim gay-bashers (and they bash with fists, not words!) take our niceities and friendlines and SILENCE as permission to enforce their religious views and laws. They see the silence as only natural, as we ARE below them because we are ‘infidels’. We better stand up for universal human rights or we will be bowing out of fear to our new masters and gays will not exist…just like in Iran. (sarcasm, of course I know they do, as long as no one tells the cops on you or the house you live in, or the party you go to doesnt get raided, then you wont exist anymore) Gays
    dont exist’ in Islamic-dominated sharia countries because they are ‘cleansed’ from existence when discovered. Are we gonna be silent and allow this to become the fate of gays to become as those in Iran?

  8. I’m a proud gay Muslim and while I agree that there is some homophobic elements within the faith (like any other of the Abrahamic faiths) it rarely manifests itself in physical violence. I think it is absolutely disgusting the way that Pink News has presented this article. It is only symptomatic of the culture of Islamophobia in the media. A time has come where I can only too readily agree with Mike’s sentiments however much I try to avoid such a conclusion. They were “youths”/yobs or whatever you want to call them. Why is it necessary to place emphasis on the religion they apparently belong to? I think such an attack says more about the youths than Islam. I am still at sixth-form and I still encounter homophobia, which can manifest itself in very vile language, from those with and without religious beliefs. So the fact that these youths were “immigrant” “Muslims” is neither here nor there.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Jun 2008, 10:47am

    Fahad, why is it that not one Islamic leader both at home and abroad has never publicly condemned crimes of bias against a person whose sexual orientation happens to be gay? Can you explain? You’re right, all Abrahamic faiths have elements of homophobia, no question about that. Why are gay people in Islamic countries treated so badly by their governments and why are they tortured or executed just because they sleep with another of the same sex? I was under the impression that the Koran warns against the taking of another life yet from what we in the west perceive and know, Sharia law doesn’t quite see it that way when it comes to its gay citizenry. Is it no wonder that there is islamophobia in the west when people are singled out because of their sexual orientation in such a despicable manner in defence of Islam, including the rights of women? If you ask me, oppression of this magnitude is inviting anti-islamic sentiment.

  10. Jeff Minter 7 Jun 2008, 1:01pm

    I’m sorry, but who calls its own citizens in ethnic minorities “the guys of immigrant background”? The only implication in that is that they ARE immigrants, i.e. not Dutch. As an ethnic minority in Britain, I’m truly amazed, no wonder the Muslims – born and bred there – are having a hard time settling there, when the “indigenous” classify them as immigrants.

  11. Ronete Cohen 7 Jun 2008, 1:46pm

    I’m surprised at the careless reporting of this story in Pink News. Forget the fact that “Queen’s Day” was on April 30 (not quite last week…). This is a non-critical wholesale translation of a story without any enlightening comments for readers who do not live in Holland and are not familiar with the situation there. The result is anti-Muslims prejudiced being presented as acceptable. Where is mention of the fact that the Party for Freedom is a known extreme right wing racist party that is rightly vilified by all other political parties? Would you present the BNP in the same light? Do you find it acceptable to single out one group in a society (which consists of fully equal citizens) by adding deportation to their sentence for a crime that is already punishable by law? There is awareness in Holland of growing homophobia among a small minority of disaffected Muslim youths and people are looking into ways of dealing with this problem in an effective and fair way. There is similar homophobia in very Christian communities but they are far from Amsterdam and not so newsworthy… You know what homophobia feels like, so you should know better than to encourage any other kind of persecution of other minority groups. You should be more discerning and accurate when pointing a finger. Please report things more responsibly in future and be aware of the how it feels for LGBT Muslims to be confronted with such prejudice in what should feel like a safe and inclusive place.

  12. These youths were motivated by Islam. Islam isn’t an Abrahamic religion like Christianity and Judaism, but rather was founded by a violent, mudererous fanatic. The ‘faith’s’ core texts are just chock full of passages exhorting Muslims to hatred. To tolerate radical Islam on Dutch soil is no different than tolerating nazis.

    Gay life in Holland won’t exist in another ten years because wherever there are significant numbers of radical Muslims, there is violence.

    And Holland”s mosques are full of hate-preachers.

    Fahad is in complete denial.

  13. How do you know the religion of the perpetrators? Do you have special laser eyes which tell you what a person believes in their heart or were they asked after what they believed?

    Using one bit of intolerance (against gays) to whip up another bit of intolerance (against Muslims) Lame

  14. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 7 Jun 2008, 8:29pm

    The use of hate speech and violence is a deliberate tactic to “divide and rule”. It’s extensively used by racist, ultraright parties like the US Republicans, Tories and BNP and the Party for Freedom in Holland. It’s also a favored tool of depraved cultists like the Pope, Ian Paisley, Pat Robertson and other bible fascists, and by murdering swine like ayatollah Al-Sistani.

    We only have one effective strategy to combat homophobia and at the same time undercut the religious bigotry found among some immigrants. That strategy is for the GLBT communities to strongly condemn all forms bigotry and racism. Instead of joining in the attacks on minorities and immigrants, which is the kind of divisiveness that racists like Tories and Republicans want us to do, we should seek out alliances with all the victims of bigotry and racism. We should champion their fight against islamophobic racims and ask for their help in our fight against homobigotry and for asylum.

    When Tatchell and his group demonstrate in favor of Palestine and against zionist ethnic cleansing and apartheid, and do it as an openly proud GLBT group, it may anger the bigots but in the end it’ll win us friends.

  15. You see, I have a big problem with this article because it seems to demonstrate a lazy brand of journalism that the Gay Krant has come to represent. Who are these young lads? What motivated their behaviour? Was it Islam or are they, as I suspect, just yobs? What I find most depressing of all, is the reluctance of the Dutch authorities to clamp down on this sort of behaviour. However, this inaction is hardly surprising, for despite the liberal atmosphere in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is a depressingly conservative, calvanistic country where GLBT people don’t actually have an easy time of it. The Netherlands have never been a beacon of light for GLBT rights in my opinion and, until these guys are put away and an example made of them, my opinion is unlikely to change.

  16. “They pinched him, he defended himself and then the guys of immigrant background started to hit him.”

    The guys “of immigrant background?” People, you are so afraid to face the reality of the situation that you’re paralyzed. I’d beat you up and steal your lunch money on a daily basis, too, if you presented yourself as this weakly and unwilling to offend or defend. Grow up! This did not happen in a predominantly Christian Netherlands. Islam is, by its very nature, violent, and it takes but a cursory glance through history to ascertain as much. You can get as much from reading the Qur’an.

    You act as if intolerance of a mentality is some universal sin. Well, get over it; it isn’t. I operate on a zero tolerance level for public acts of barbarism, and when one clearly identifiable group maintains a history of repeated violence, it’s time to put them in a very uncomfortable spot.

    The fact of the matter is that the Islamist culture of violence is dominant over the culture of tolerance presented in Holland. It manifests meaning and is willing to enact morality. And as the numbers of Islamists grow (and they will), it will continue to dominate more and more. It’s inevitable. Inevitable, that is, unless a stand is made. Our choice. You can keep mislabeling it as “religious intolerance” if you want. It’s but a sign of weakness.

  17. One wonders if racist and homophobic hate crimes by white Dutch citizens are also responded to with calls for rescinding their citizenship.

  18. It doesn’t take special laser eyes to read the article nitwit. They are identified as Muslim males in the headline and in the article.

    To do this in broad daylight shows that they think they have the “trump” card. The gov’t can spend millions trying to change a culture, but it will eventually be all for naught.

  19. you all say soldiers fighting jihad are ” savages”

    Perfect irony.

    Dutch peaceniks and gays would be the first to have their heads sawed off in the muslim world. Mooslimes hate weakness wherever they find it.

    Maybe Dutch muslims will leave gays alone if gays wear pink stars.

    Hey Holland, keep promoting gay culture and massive muslim immigration – the rest of the world will sit back and watch the blood flow while holland becomes more muslim and less dutch.

  20. Mark Hesselgrave 8 Jun 2008, 4:13am

    I love it… the city’s mayor has commissioned the University of Amsterdam to carry out research into homophobic attacks! Let me save them some money… this is what happens when you allow religious retards into your country. Kick them out. Send them back to their own shithole countries and stop allowing our western democracies to be polluted with these scumbags.

  21. The attack on the gay model was horrendous, for sure, but I find it interesting that when white or Christian people commit homophobic acts, no one brings their religion or race to the forefront. They are always the “homophobic wacko,” the outsider, the perpetual exception. They don’t represent anything but themselves, whereas whenever a Muslim or Arab person does anything ,it is indicative of Islam as a whole.

    and how do we know they were even Muslim? Not all Arabs are Muslim, you know (well, you probably don’t, considering the majority of comments to this article, as well as the author of the article, are complete morons). Maybe one is an atheist and learned his homophobia from the righ-wing Dutch parties? And how exactly do you rescind a citizen’s citizenship?

    God, the ignorance in the gay community is astounding…not surprising, though.

  22. Fahad, I am afraid your sophistictade argument is a bit too deep for these youths. They are reacting to gang culture, probably bad parenting and certainly elements of a homophobic faith. Islam is homophobic, there is no way round it, none, so is Christianity and Judaism, in fact, all organised religion is inherantly homophobic.

    There is no excuse for hunting in pack like this. It is not 1 on 1 it is 10 on 1, are you people forgetting that this boy has been badly beaten by these people you are quick to defend? I truly hope we one day leave organised religion in the dirt where it came from. It is bad for all of us. It causes nothing but grief.

  23. Just in case anybody continues to feel disposed towards Islam, as simply another harmless world religion, and in case they haven’t yet seen Geert Wilders excellent short array of evidence as to its central nature, do watch “Fitna”, available at the following link. The film has been condemned by Muslims of course, but everything within it is incontrovertible.

  24. Robert (ex-pat Brit), I think your suggestion that there has not been any Islamic leaders that have not condemned bias against homosexuals is incorrect. Of course there is no great abundance of such people. However, I think you will find that the late Zaki Badawi of the Ealing Muslim College did speak out against injustices the gay community faced. Indeed, he even went as far as to give an interview to the Gay Times and came out in support of gay Muslims entering into civil partnerships, albeit with some caveats. But the point is that he did speak out and took more of a progressive attitude to homosexuality than than that of most religious leaders today. (see the 7th paragraph in the main article)

    I think we are detracting from the crux of the matter in discussion of the article. If those of an extreme right wing persuasion who happened to be Christian had attacked a gay man we would not have seen a similar headline. It would have been something more along with “Extreme right wing gang attacks gay catwalk model” and not “Christian gang attacks gay catwalk model”. I’m not for one moment suggesting that it should have been the latter but what I am suggesting that there needs to be more equitable reporting. The journalism embodied by Tony Grew in this article is only counterproductive.

    CMartel2, I think it is historically inaccurate to suggest that Islam is inherently more violent than other religions. One only has to look at the barbarism of Christian Europe during the religious wars in the 16th century and the Crusades to see that violence is not the preserve of any one religion.

    Mark Hesselgrave, should the USA intern its Religious Right on some island in the Pacific? It’s farcical to argue that people’s right to citizenship should be based on their views on certain issues. If that were the case we should have shipped Thatcher and her Section 28 cronies out to somewhere in the Sahara years ago!

  25. Islam is a disgusting, backward ideology that has nothing in commmon with Christianity or Judaism.

    And if commentor “fahad” finds Holland too intolerant, i suggest eh return to his home country and opennly declare his homosexulaity.

    Holland should not let Muslims gays “kite” off the hard won rights of western gays. if they won’t row in the same direction, they can leave.

  26. “We should champion their fight against islamophobic racims and ask for their help in our fight against homobigotry and for asylum.

    When Tatchell and his group demonstrate in favor of Palestine and against zionist ethnic cleansing and apartheid, and do it as an openly proud GLBT group, it may anger the bigots but in the end it’ll win us friends.” Bill Perdue

    Islam isn’t in Eruope to integrate or to assimilate. It is here to DOMINATE.

    Get out of your leftists fantasy world. If you don’t, Palestine and the “zionist” entity will be the least of your worries in a few years.

    The “prophet” Mohammed was a murderous savage whose ideas, morals and actions are the very NEGATION of EVERYTHING ‘progressive’ and ‘leftist’ represent.

    Muslims aren’t oppressed, nor are they ‘victims’. They are the AGGRESSERS. Ten of them svagely attacked this young man, for no other reason than their “faith”. Who’ll be next?

    And did you know that “perdue” is french for “LOST”.

    You are totally lost on this one Mr Perdue.

  27. John, for your kind information, I AM in my home country. I am a proud British citizen who was born and bred here. I’m not sure where you live if you think that just because I have a ‘Muslim name’ that I must be a foreign immigrant. It is just this sort of attitude from those considered ‘indigenous’ that is exacerbating the problems that actually exist. It is disgusting how often “immigrant” is being used as a pejorative term on this page. I must also ask you where I have said I find “Holland too intolerant”?

    I must also insist you take a look at your own Fascist fantasy world where you judge an entire community on the actions of a minority. There is no logic to it whatsoever. It’s akin to this: some Christians support the BNP and are racist, therefore ALL Christians are BNP supporters and are racist. I suggest you take some lessons in logic.

    I think you are fooling yourself if you are totally convinced that Islam does not have anything in common with the other Abrahamic faiths. Perhaps some lessons in RE along with those in logic? I must ask you: who is it in the USA that are holding back their country’s march towards gay equality? Those crazed and backward Muslims overrunning the Western world that exist only in your well-groomed imagination? I think not…

    “Ten of them svagely attacked this young man, for no other reason than their “faith”. Who’ll be next?” (John)
    Who said that it was because of their “faith”? Have you spoken to the attackers? Do you have access to the police files? I suggest you produce the evidence before making such baseless suppositions.

  28. I absolutely agree with Bill Perdue when he says we must champion others who face bigotry and also help them to fight the good fight. I am not going to comment on Thatchell and Palestine, but the strategy Bill outlined is the only way perceptions can change for the better. In 1984, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners managed to get the traditionally homophobic labour movement extend its notions of egalitarianism and equality to the realms of sexual orientation. There is a very good article on this in the May ’07 issue of the Gay Times (page 226).

  29. “Perhaps some lessons in RE along with those in logic? I must ask you: who is it in the USA that are holding back their country’s march towards gay equality? Those crazed and backward Muslims overrunning the Western world that exist only in your well-groomed imagination? I think not…”

    The old moat/beam line, eh Fahad?

    And if you don’t like the state of gay rights in The West, U.S.A. included, and if you bitch about a culture and a civilisation far superior to one you emerged from, then go back in live in the Islamic world.

    When it comes to gay rights, women’s rights, minority rights, religious rights ( indeed ALL human rights) the islamic world has a whold goddamned lumber-yard in its eye.

    And Islam has a track record stretching back 14 centuries, Fahad, and even a superficial examination of it reveals its repulsive ugliness.

    Mohammed was repugnant. He was vile, psycopathic murderer who bought the loyalty of his followers with stolen loot gleaned from raids.

    He’s NO Buddha and is of NO relation to Christ.

    This monster is considered a ‘model for all time’ in the Islamic world.

    People just don’t get more retarded than that.

    Do you even know what a ‘prophet’ is, Fahad?

    Islam took what were for millenia the wealthiest, most enlightened and most advanced areas of the globe ( Egypt, N. Africa, Persia and Byzantium) and in only a few generations turned them into worthless, irrelevant, stagnant backwaters.

    Islam is now in the process of doing likewise to Europe.

    And since you’re living in Europe (at least for the moment), I suggest you make a break for it and abandon Islam.


    Because 14 centuries of muslim history clearly demonstrate that Islam CANNOT produce a civil society.

    The entire Ummah is a dysfunctional, festering swamp of dishonesty, deceit, corruption and graft.

    As Attatuk said back in the 20s; “Islam is a rotting corpse and Mohammed an immoral Beduoin”.

    Without a significant host population of non-muslims to tax and to parasite off of, as was the case during your ‘golden age’, Islam’s true colours quickly show through, and its utter backwardness is made plain for all to see.

  30. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 8 Jun 2008, 8:07pm

    John is a pugnacious, if not particularly bright, islamophobe who sounds like he has an itchy trigger finger. He can’t wait for the killing to start.

    Islamophobia is another name for racism, a type not limited to skin color or ethnicity. It stresses blind, murderous hatred for an entire civilization and everyone associated with it, not just bigoted cultists like the ayatollahs. Islamophobia is totally indistinguishable from the Nazi anti-Semitism and has the same goal – mass murder.

    Mass murder is the incredibly violent method used by christist Europeans and Euro-Americans, who murdered and pillaged their way across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas for centuries.

    If their past was violent so is what happening now. Their latest genocides were by the Nazis in Europe against Russians, Jews, Poles and anyone else they could get their hands on, by rightwing serbians and christists in Bosnia-Herzegovina against European muslims, and by Euro-Americans against the Vietnamese and muslims in Iraq. (In Iraq the military commands of the US and their allies routinely arm Shiite and Sunni groups who obey anti-GLBT death Fatwa’s like that issued by ayatollah Al-Sistani. They hunt down and murder hundreds of young gay men and women with arms supplied by the US.)

    The upsurge of islamophobia in recent years is the work of the rightwing christists and oil barons who control the US government. Its goal is to excuse the Clinton/Bush oil piracy and genocide against the Iraqis, the occupation of Afghanistan, and widening the genocide to include Iran. Anyone with even half a brain can see that. But not John. “Special Education” fails us again!

    The GLBT communities should refuse to be associated with rabid racists and islamophobes. We shouldn’t play into the hands of the right wing christians and other homophobes. They want to divide and conquer. We need to unify to defend ourselves and we need allies in the unions, the women’s movement, the antiwar movement and the immigrant communities.

    Incidentally, John, your posts are wrong about everything. Perdue has a far older Latinate origin and means trailblazer, which I find satisfyingly fitting. The ‘lost’ appellation derived from the French catholic cults attempt to rename and stigmatize protestant christists, the huguenots. The catholic cultists meant to humiliate the few survivors of their St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre, when they murdered hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. How typically violent.

  31. Watch how this turns from a story about violent homophobia within the predominantly muslim immigrant community into a story about “racism” against immigrants. It happens EVER. SINGLE. TIME. These people are using our very own Western values of tolerance against us, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it because as soon as we do something about it, that turns us into CONSERVATIVES, and we can’t very well have that, now can we.

  32. john wilfred sharp 9 Jun 2008, 6:32am

    violence again , religion again.
    stop religions , stop violence .
    i live in muslim country indonesia , to this date still free to be gay , but it is holding to a thread , last week again beatings buy Muslims organized group FPI send over 30 to hospital they where marching for religious freedom .stop all religions now !god does not exist ,

  33. “Perdue has a far older Latinate origin and means trailblazer, which I find satisfyingly fitting.”

    LOL! Oh, please, you must be joking. I have read all your prior postings, Mr. “Perdue” and I can only conclude that the origin of Perdue is “insane”. You’re a nut job, and no one here thinks of you as a trailblazer!

    Watch this, the next posting form our esteemed “trailblazer” will no doubt be back onto an insult around anyone who disagrees with him being a “conservative” or not who they claim to be. You’re full of nonsense.

  34. Charles De Raeymaeker 9 Jun 2008, 10:53am

    I quite agree with John Sharpe, “stop religions , stop violence”. So much of the mistrust in the world, and hence the malevolence that inevitably follows, is caused by religious “leaders” with more hate then compassion. But the fault is in those who support religions too, especially with complacent moderate thinkers.

    And to Keith, I believe I have seen a few of Mr. Perdue’s comments before on this site, and a few others, and I have found them to be self ingratiating, politicised and downright insulting to others. Mr. Perdue, you could do more for your standpoint and argument if you refrained from your unnecessary insults towards others. If you are incapable, or insufficiently educated and mannered enough to refrain from doing do, then I would suggest Keith is quite correct in his assessment that you are bordering on some kind of instability, and that your therapy is not working.

  35. Darren Collins 9 Jun 2008, 2:11pm

    Yet another example of how much of a peaceful religion Islam is. I’m not sure the World can handle much more peace from these “people”.

  36. Reddesires 9 Jun 2008, 6:29pm

    Muslims are dangerous to all people and shouldn’t be able to live in a free country go home and stay there.

  37. I am a conservative, so I’ll just sit this one out and watch. Honestly, I’m not going to make statements. It’s really unfortunate for this to happen in Western Culture, but reallym those guys should get punished for the crime, not because of their background. Keep it under control next time.

  38. there will always be good and evil in this world as we know it. God is love…a love that never fails….we may lose a battle but we will not lose the war.

  39. The whole idea of ‘liberal’ is killing itself. Liberal use to mean open mindedness, more accectance, etc… but from Shaniqua being a producer of fatherless crack babies to little mohamed on the dole attacking gay people, from illegal mexicans killing children accidently while driving without so much as a driver’s permit, and last but by no means least, to lilly white liberal socialistics, tolerance will come to an end. Say goodbye to liberal hopes and dreams. If you want an open society, in your vision, you will have to apply some rules and bounderies. Islam in Europe wants too much. I do not believe islam would produce much good anyway. It is far too odious. The Dutch and the rest of Europe are going to have to start to confront these awful bullies. I, emotionally for one, am beginning to HATE muslims!!!!

  40. Joe Libson 10 Jun 2008, 8:55pm

    I am a conservative (living in SF in the US). None of the people around the victim rose up and helped him. Only one guy came to his aid and he was also attacked. And as a perfect parallel, it seems the majority of the comments are also failing to come to the aid of the victim.

    Be clear: “this attack is unacceptable. Accept pluralistic democracy or get the heck out of our country”.

    Living in SF allows me the “opportunity” to see “Queers for Palestine”. One of the more absurd unions. Wake up Netherlands. Assert yourselves.

  41. It seems that more and more people are waking up to the threat that islam poses to the world.

    Though how stupid are our politicians that they cannot see that islam wants to demographically conquer Europe?

    The intolerance of islam is all too visible. Whether it’s taking offence at the naming of a teddy bear or an unwelcome remark about the islamic prophet’s mohammed sex with a 9 year old girl. The seething, whining and death threats come from all quarters.

    Oh, and just check out the rape statistics against Swedish and Norweigen women in their capital cities. I’ll give you a clue, it isn’t the Buddhists.


  42. William - Dublin 11 Jun 2008, 8:48am

    Er, Tyler, the statement “Honestly, I’m not going to make statements” and “Keep it under control next time” are a little contradictory in the same paragraph.

    Personally, I think there people shoudl be deported *after* they have been convicted. I support immigration, but to me immigration means adopting the value structure of your “new” home. If that’s an issue, then don’t re-locate there. If you cannot uphold the values, then leave.

    Oh, and how brace if them in that they were ten against one. Bravo there, boys! A true show of your “manly strength”.

  43. Read Geert Wilders speech about the Islamification of Europe.

    “A total of fifty-four million Muslims now live in Europe. San Diego University recently calculated that a staggering 25 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim just 12 years from now. Bernhard Lewis has predicted a Muslim majority by the end of this century.”

    Europe is toast unless people wake up and abandon what we call “liberalism”.

  44. wookieinheat 23 Jul 2009, 6:19am

    i find it fascinating that it is those who talk demeaningly about white people who are always the first to call other racist.

    how is it that criticism of islam (a religion) is considered racist and unacceptable while direct racism towards white people is not?

  45. slam is a vile cult with a murdering, thieving, torturing, womanising genocidal maniac Mohammed as the object

    the trouble is that most people, being naive and “good”, accord the belief system the status of a “religion”

    Once you understand how exceptionally vile the writing and beliefs of Islam are, how exceptionally deviant Mohammed was, how their history of conquest has been violent and deceitful, and then look at the state of Islamic countries nowadays, you will reach a better understanding of Islam (which mean submission to Allah and Muslims, not peace as is so often misquoted) is a good place to start learning

  46. Their citizenship can be taken away only if they are also citizens of another country, since The Netherlands is bound by (inter)national law and treaties that ensure that persons can’t be made ‘stateless’.
    However most children of immigrants from Morocco in The Netherlands also gain Moroccan nationality under Moroccan law, so in that case revoking their citizenship would not lead to statelesness as they would still hold another passport, and could then be deported.
    This is because citizenship in The Netherlands is not based on Jus soli but Jus Sanguinis.

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