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Questions over police behaviour at Riga Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Funny. Nobody asked my orientation and I’m straight.
    Well, it is true that we were a bit too protected, but I can understand the police too – remembering ’06 and excrement throwing. Hopefully it’ll get better with years, we’ve already come a long way.

  2. where did you get your numbers, guys? Latvian major newspapers were reporting 200 pride participants and 700 protesters.

    But regarding idea of pride itself and protesters I have to say pride is following principle – one size fits all. One method fits all situations. One set of values fits all cultures. Too bad the set of values pride represents is white rich and middle class liberal values. But trying to force these values on entire world is a new form of imperialism and racism. Think of these values and traditional cultures in Africa or Asia. Think of muslim world. And if people in these areas don’t accept these liberal values, then with genuine resentment you would conclude – they are narrow minded, backward thinking, judgmental idiots. But look in the mirror. Why do you think that the whole world and all cultures and all ethnic groups should adopt values that white rich Europeans came up with. I think it is very narrow minded and racist attitude that thinks – only my values and my background and my culture is valid, but all others – bigots. Think again…

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