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Big Brother features a gay – again

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Reader comments

  1. Peter Rivendell 6 Jun 2008, 12:39am

    Dennis, with his “fabulous” eyes and sparkling white teeth, makes me want to be straight [and stab my eyes out]. But then Rex makes me want to be gay again. Tra la la.

  2. I ain’t see no gay. The photo looks like a tranny. Ok, I need glasses. Do I? Well, see it later.

  3. Loving the fact that gay’s are represented (even if they are camped up stereotypes) but where are the lesbians? I know Kitten was in BB a while ago but she was an awful, aggressive, embarrasment to lesbiankind. Bring on the fit lezzers BB – your time is running out!

  4. elizabethveldon 6 Jun 2008, 5:19pm

    f*ck off Watcher – you don’t come on here slaging off other members of the Queer comunity.

    Anyway…I used to know the ‘award winning tv presenter’ and…well tels just say I’ll not be egger for him to win.

  5. I do what I’m pleased, as long as I don’t disrecpect no one, as you do Elizabetha. I only was guessing if the participant was “gay” or something else. If to be something else -someone from other colour from the wide rainbow flag- for you is to slag him/her, that is on your troubled mind. I have a very clear notion that for a transgender person to call her/him with the opossite intended gender is an offence. So, If I see a pic of a possible tranny, I wouldn’t call her “gay”.

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