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Advice for gays considering a holiday in the Gambia – try Greece

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Reader comments

  1. This is actually funny, the first funny news story I got from The Gambia in a while, thanks! Good job on this! Nicolas

  2. William - Dublin 4 Jun 2008, 10:59am

    Its simple really:- just don’t go.

    Spend your money in a safer and more accepting country. Spending power is the best weapon we have against homophobia. Its sad but people react better to falling profits than the higher ideals of human rights and equality (unfortunately)… if we spend our tourist Euros in Gambia, we are supporting their regime of voodoo nuts with our money. Go to Sitges instead.


    The following countries have laws that ban homosexual sex:
    Afghanistan – Algeria – Angola – Antiqua & Barbuda – Bahrain – Bangladesh – Barbados – Belize – Benin – Bhutan – Botswana -Brunei – Cameroon – Cook Islands – Djibouti – Dominica – Eritrea -Ethiopia – Gambia – Gaza – Ghana – Grenada – Guinea – Guinea Bissau – Guyana – India – Iran – Iraq – Jamaica – Kenya – Kiribati – Kuwait – Lebanon – Lesotho – Liberia – Libya – Malawi -Malaysia – Maldives – Mauritania – Mauritius – Morocco -Mozambique – Myanmar – Namibia – Nauru – Nepal – Nicaragua -Nigeria – Niue – Oman – Pakistan – Palau – Panama – Papua New Guinea – Qatar – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Lucia – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Sao Tome and Principe -Saudi-Arabia – Senegal – Seychelles – Sierra Leone – Singapore -Solomon Islands – Somalia – Sri Lanka – Sudan – Swaziland – Syria – Tanzania – Togo – Tokelau – Tonga – Trinidad & Tobago – Tunisia – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (plans to repeal the law) – Turkmesistan – Tuvalu – Uganda – United Arab Emirates – Uzbekistan – Western Samoa – Yemen -Zambia – Zimbabwe –

    Countries Whose Laws do not Explicitly ban Same-Sex Behaviour, but have some laws which have been used to punish gay and lesbian behaviour:
    Costa Rica – Democratic Rep. of Congo – Egypt – Indonesia

    NOTE: This is for a guide only, please check with Embassies of places you are travelling to before you book a holiday.

  4. I have been to the Gambia as a gay man on a couple of holidays and I have always found the locals to be extremely welcoming and very willing! Don’t let the tabloids put you off…just be careful not to flaunt the fact too much when outside the hotel complexes.

  5. It’s shaming that so many of these places were once in the Empire and its “Muscular” Xianity. Many of the rest were infected by Xian homophobia, or are in thrall to the religious now.

  6. “Don’t let the tabloids put you off…just be careful not to flaunt the fact too much when outside the hotel complexes.”

    Sorry Neil, but we should not have to comprimise our dignity in a country where we spend our hard earned cash in an economy where I have to live in fear of “flaunting it”. If they have an issue with gay people then they’re clearly not as welcoming as you say they are. I’d rather pick a place for a holiday I can enjoy myself not be worried about how gay I might look with my partner and hence how I might spark a lynch mob, thanks.

  7. John Rendle 8 Jan 2009, 11:00am

    I totally agree William. I cant understand why any self-respecting gay person would want to go to any country that has no regard for us. Look at the list above….a list of “loser” countries with big problems and many run by leaders of limited intelligence. I have no desire whatsoever to go the the Gambia. There are so many other places we can go and have a good time.

  8. John Rendle 8 Jan 2009, 11:06am

    I totally agree with you William. Why would any self respecting gay person what to visit this hideous place with its loser leadership. Why is it that so many of these countries are run by people of limited intelligence? Look at the list above too… ghastly countries where they dont respect their own citizens in a lot of cases, and sure wont show us any respect either. I will go where I am appreciated as a man, and respected. Not these havens of madmen and their crazy laws. Lifes for living….if you are into black me, go somewhere you are appreciated.

  9. Frank Earnest 28 Aug 2012, 7:00am

    The Gambia is no longer a safe place for a holiday most especially if you’re gay. As of the 26th August 2012, the president (who is known to be mentally unstable) has begun to shoot people indescriminately. There is also a real danger from islamic terrorism, and crime against tourists has sharply increased in the last two years.
    The new scam is that if locals find out you are gay, they will blackmail you and if you don’t pay, they will give your hotel or address to the police, and believe me they will visit you. In case you guys are unaware, Jammeh (the president) is trying to make homosexuality punisable by death (no joke), and he constantly tells locals to reveal the location of gays, local or tourist. My advice ? Just do not visit and warn others of the dangers too.

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