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Rainbow flag flies over British embassy in Riga

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Reader comments

  1. William - Dublin 3 Jun 2008, 6:58pm

    Fair play to the British for this small, but none the less, impressive gesture. The more countries that take this sort of action on foreign soil, the more the message gets to these homophobic governments that the world is watching.

  2. Makes me proud to be British! However, can we also get the same support in the Midlands!! Stoke Pride being lambasted on BNP website. Check it out…

  3. Makes me proud to be British sometimes!! We have made great leaps here and now influencing the world.
    However check this out if you think we should be complacent…

  4. Of course we mustn’t be complacent but we also mustn’t give the BNP too much credence or energy. Of COURSE they are going to lambast LGBT people, whatelse do we expect? Point is who is taking any notice of them? It may only be us! Let’s not make the mistake of making them too important, many many people are with us and IF they ever see the BNP statements it only strengthens our support!

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