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Former Radio 1 DJ’s death ruled misadventure

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  1. Did Kevin pick up his bondage and asphyxiation tips from AIDS charity Terence Higgins Trust’s extreme sex web site Hard Cell, now being practised by gay teens the length and breadth of Britain thanks to the open-armed exposure certain elements of the gay press welcomed its recent launch? How sad that in this day and age the only form of “affection” some gay men know how to express is via physically abusing and humiliating one another. Such behaviour is the manifestation of homophobia at its worst since it is rooted in the underlying self-hatred of one’s sexuality. It is not encouragement in these destructive, road-to-nowhere activities they need via a tax payer-funded web site that legitimises such behaviours, but counselling and psychiatric help. What a loveless, homophobic community we live in; indeed we put the homophobia of mainstream society to shame! We should be absorbing ourselves less in our hysterical reactions to their perceived prejudices, as incessantly stirred up by Stonewall, and instead be working to dismantle the infinitely more destructive symptoms of our own subconscious intolerances that we direct at ourselves and project onto each other. Until then, a significant minority of gay society will continue to be disempowered, lost in hard drug use and wilfully indulging in unsafe sex and putting each others’ health at risk.

  2. I agree with the points Rod raises. Gay men into sadistic sex are no different from the epidemic of women who are self-harming. They are both in need of urgent psychiatric help, being devoid of the love a human being needs to be mentally and emotionally healthy. It is so sad that some gay men are so lacking in self-esteem that they seek to degrade themselves by indulging in such sexually violent scenes. Those who willfully practise unsafe sex are no different, whether positive or negative; they hate themselves too to willfully put their health at risk (those with HIV who lay themselves open to re-infection or catch another STI impact on the strain of HIV they already carry and hastens their progression to full-blown AIDS), while not caring a damn whether they infect others along the way because they are at war with life itself. With Pride season almost upon us, it would be worth asking our community how there can be such a thing when we tolerate such open abuse within our community, and when a leading sexual health charity that sanctions STD-spreading sex venues and actively encourages sadistic sex ( can be voted “charity of the year” in Gay Times. We are all complicit in this hypocrisy, and it stinks to high heaven.

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