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Latvian MPs’ attack gays for “immoral and hooligan behaviour”

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Reader comments

  1. another eastern European country that wants the benefits of the EU without moving from the early 14th century!!

    We LGBT people in the westren European democracies are having our money FILCHED to improve the lot of these primitives, and they damn us. As usual the Church in one of its many guises is there stirring the hatred. Pity they were all soooo quite while they were satrapies of the Soviet Empire – they’re only brave facing a small minority

  2. Donnacha DeLong 3 Jun 2008, 3:51pm

    Check out Amnesty International’s Blogging with Pride blog: for information about Riga Pride and to see our video of the event.

  3. Alessandro 4 Jun 2008, 8:22am

    I want to thank sincerely the “Latvian First” MP’s for his words since, so far I did not understand how important my presence was in Riga! Yes I did the march, I did like it and I think it was inportant in order to support LGBT right but….my God, a poison bomb, that will stay in the air and change their minds and THEIR BODIES. Yes I feel a bit responsable for this…truly I’d like to change their minds but that’s all!!!

  4. William - Dublin 4 Jun 2008, 10:44am

    “In those countries into which the homosexual ideology has been brought, the words Mother and Father have disappeared”

    Really? Disappeared? F*ck, I better ring my parents to see what they want me to call them now that I can’t use the verboten words of “Mommy” and “Daddy”. They sure are going to be pissed off given they’re used to being called my mother and father… sigh.

    “It is a bomb explosion with poisonous gases which people will breathe long after the event itself.”

    Are they talking about poppers here?

    I’m sorry, its a simple case here, if you don’t like the values of the EU, don’t join it or get out of it.

    What a shower of nutters.

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