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May 2008

  • 1st May 2008

    Gay rights champion nominated to Nepalese assembly 1

    Mr Pant is a hero to many gay activists across the world

    4:24 PM — The founder of Nepal's only LGBT rights group has been chosen as one of 601 members of a new constituent assembly in the country. Sunit Pant has been named as one of five representatives of the fringe Communist Party of Nepal-United.

  • Europe questions UK about gay rights in Gibraltar 24

    Gibraltar is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom

    3:51 PM — The British government has told the Council of Europe that it takes "very seriously" Gibraltar's compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights. The self-governing British overseas territory still has a higher age of consent for gay sex.

  • All-male fundraising run to feature football stars

    Everyman patron and testicular cancer survivor Neil Harris is hoping to better his performance

    3:26 PM — Men are being encouraged to get fit with their footballing heroes in order to raise money and awareness for male cancer research. Keep Your Eye On The Ball 5k will take place on June 1st.

  • Lesbos lawsuit “pathetic and scary” says activist 3

    Lesbos residents taking the case to court claim that the term is used erroneously

    1:10 PM — A publicity-seeking attempt by three residents of the island of Lesbos to sue a gay advocacy group has a serious side, says a lesbian rights campaigner. The Greek island was home to the 6th Century BC poet Sappho.

  • Age of consent to be lowered in Northern Ireland 2

    Some politicians think that the one year age difference with the Republic would encourage sexual predators to cross the border

    12:20 PM — The British government will bring the age at which people can consent to sex in Northern Ireland into line with the rest of the UK. Unionist politicians in the province are expected to oppose the move.

  • Londoners expected to turn out in record numbers for Mayoral election

    5.5 million people can vote in today's Mayor of London election

    12:16 PM — 5.5 million people can vote in today's Mayor of London election, and commentators on all sides are predicting as many as 50% of them may exercise their democratic rights.

  • Costa Rica backs International Day Against Homophobia 1

    IDAHO is marked in over 50 countries - this poster is from Canada

    11:43 AM — Gay activists have welcomed the decision of the government of Costa Rica to officially declare May 17th IDAHO Day. The International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) is marked in over 50 countries.

  • Conservatives launch web campaign to retain gay military ban 1

    79% of Americans support allowing gays to serve openly

    11:26 AM — An advocacy group in the United States has launched a Congressional petition against calls for the country's military to allow openly gay people to serve.

  • Nurses speak up for gay teenagers

    The RCN, founded in 1916, has close to 400,000 members across the UK

    11:07 AM — The Royal College of Nursing's annual Congress has overwhelmingly passed a motion in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people. More than 95% of delegates yesterday supported the call for the RCN Council to "develop and promote best practice."

  • US star to divorce husband beset by gay rumours

    Rumours have circulated since Jones and Reynolds tied the knot that Reynolds is gay

    10:49 AM — It was the beginning of the end for Star Jones on hit US show The View. A wedding, complete with corporate sponsors and daily updates. America could no longer relate to the talk show regular.

  • No charges over death of gay DJ

    An inquest into Kevin Greening's death will take place next month

    10:43 AM — A 51-year-old man arrested after former Radio 1 DJ Kevin Greening was found dead at his flat will not will not face charges. He had initially been arrested on suspicion of murder. He has been cautioned by police for possession of ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis.

  • Beckham’s jersey gift sparks legal action

    Beckham removed his shirt and handed it to two 10-year-old former close friends and soccer teammates

    10:31 AM — Over the past few years, many people have become obsessed with soccer player David Beckham, but this week his appeal reached a whole new and somewhat disturbing level.

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