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New STI campaign tells gays to get tested and get back out there

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Reader comments

  1. This campaign was a disgrace the first time around and, frankly, it beggars beief to see it being wheeled out once again. It does not address the issues around the circumstances that lead to STI infection. All it is saying is that if you have a foul coloured discharge from your dick or festering sores around your anus, go get it treated. Because the sooner it is treated the sooner you can “Get back out there” and engage in the same sort of promiscuous behaviour that will lead to yet more infections. Could the relaunch of this groteqsue campaign have anything to do with THT’s new STI testing kits it is flogging for big bucks on its web site? I wouldn’t put it past them for their to be a financial motive behind the relaunch of “Get Back Out There!” Just as THT depends on rising HIV rates for their income and their survival, now they have another cash cow that depends on keeping our community in ignorance and deprived of graphic information about the dangers of STIs while encouraging us all into their newly Play Zone-endorsed sex-on-premises clubs to indulge in a spot of pathogen-transmitting scat, felching, etc.