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Council praised for prompt action against discriminatory Earl

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Reader comments

  1. a start.

    One is either “in business” or one is not. We can’t pick and choose clients, customers and others receiving service on prejudice

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 30 May 2008, 6:15pm

    Well done to both Stonewall and Devon County council

  3. I am very impressed by the cool, confident and highly efective way Stonewall and Ben Summerskill have handled the case of the unpleasant dinosaur, the Earl of Devon. Summerskills well-chosen comments, widely reported in the national press, were hard-hitting yet even in the face of this malevolence, he managed to combine a serious response with good humour. Devon CC should also be congratulated for standing up to their most unchristian Earl. What a sad man, seekng to cloak his personal prejudices and hatreds towards his fellow men in the cloth of christianity. He is quite obviously far from being a true christian and his personal inadequacies have been laid bare by this mean and small-minded outburst.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 May 2008, 1:31pm

    Laudable of the Devon County Council to take such positive action. Though this bigot is entitled to be a bigot and to express his right of free speech and profession of a belief system, he does have a point in that “wedding receptions” are synonymous with straight marriage and as such, in conflict with his beliefs even though the current laws prohibit him from discriminating in the delivery of goods and services. I wonder what the outcome might have been if this couple had been legally married instead of partnered. Would his response have been the same or would he have found it more difficult to evade?

  5. Earl “Bigot” of Devon

    How times change, glad to see Devon Council has the good sense to stand up to the defunct nobility.

    I am sure your bigotry will pass when you pockets are empty. I hope Devon Council has the good sense not to reconsider your license.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Jun 2008, 11:19am

    Eddy, this bigot is just another classic conservative of course! What can you expect from them?

  7. of course it doesn’t end here. The Bigotted Earl can still make money from wedding recptions, as I read the article. he just can’t have the formal ceremony on his premises. So he could still ban receptions. If that is his intention he should (a) be proceeded against under the Equality Regs and (b) lose his favourable tax treatment. I hope Stonewall continue to watch this man very carefully.

  8. Devlin Bach 2 Jun 2008, 1:34pm

    Maybe he will unknowingly, will the castle to a gay child, viola, redeeming the family name. The fact he broke the law makes this very serious, it will be remembered. Doesn’t he know by now, religion is for 45 minutes, and only on Sundays? The silly wlllie just dragged the castle’s entire history right through the mud, staining it permanently. Tisk tisk.

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