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Clinton more likely to beat McCain, poll indicates

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Reader comments

  1. Toby Nadile 29 May 2008, 11:10am

    Could this Gallup Polls predicting Clinton take an up hand include Colledge Students. Do Colledge students have phones at home since the interviews are mostly by phones? Remember that obama’s votes are mostly from the young and not older voters who have phones at home. Can Gallup carry our street interviews to be more accurate?

  2. That’s because Clinton’s whiny, cry baby, “if we don’t win we’ll take our ball and go home” cult members have said that if Hillary isn’t GIVEN the nomination they will not vote or even vote for McCain in November. Some are even vowing to actively campaign AGAINST the Democrat Obama in the general election.

    They should be so proud. They’re will to give us another four to eight years of Bush/Republican failed policies all over a breath holding, foot stomping temper tantrum.

    Be warned, anyone who supports Obama and dislikes Hillary is automatically labeled a “misogynist”. It’s not possible that anyone could dislike her for anything other than her gender.

    By no means are all Clinton supporters like this but there definitely is a lunatic fringe that have given the whole campaign a bad name.

  3. Anyone who has worked in research and marketing will know this type of poll has no relevance when it comes to an Election.

    At the end of the day the US will have a straight choice between McCain and more years of Bush Politics and what Washington has become used to or CHANGE and the only candidate that will deliver that is Senator Barack Obama who should clinch the nomination clearly next week.

    It is fairly certain that Hillary will still most likely want to stage a legal challenge, what a real sad situation, when one of your leading campaign team member Harold Ickie was on the Democratic Committee that agreed the Rules not to count Michigan and Florida, Hillary even said nothing at the time, why would see remember it was her that said the race would all be over by FEBRUARY 5TH 2008! Sorry Hillary the Voters thought different, Hillary said when Barack Obama first announced he would run, You Do Not Stand a Chance and laughed at him and his campaign team, but Obama said “YES WE CAN” – Hillary has run along with Bill the worst campaign possible with strategy more like Tragedy and a Campaign of Errors!

  4. Of course Hillary is winning! Americans are beginning to see that Obama is just an empthy suit who has no record for doing anything, really. Even his followers can’t point to anything this man has done for anybody else than himself. Obama and his elitist followers have no need to be happy so soon: if he is the nominee the millions and millions of Hillary supporters will vote for McCain. I would too after all the mysogonist remarks from Obama and his supporters!

    Hillary, the best qualified – HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT!!!

  5. I think it is a disgrace that so many gay people don’t mind being misogonyst! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

    Hillary is a fantastic woman, and will be the best president ever!!

  6. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 5 Jun 2008, 10:02pm

    Tom Bradley was the moderate, African American Democratic mayor of Los Angeles. He was elected to five consecutive terms from 1973 until 1993. Bradley twice ran for Governor of California enjoying substantial leads in the polls but was defeated both times by rightwing anti-union Republican George Deukmejian.

    Bradley’s losses were unexpected but what the polls didn’t show was the depth of racism in the Democratic Party. The Democratic party is a cesspool of racism, misogyny and anti-GLBT bigotry, of which racism is far and away the most intractable. The consequences of this concealed racism are termed the “Bradley Effect”.

    In any election the Bradley Effect would be hard to overcome and McCain will certainly exploit it. However he’s been give a leg up by the open racism of Dixiecrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton. If you’ve never heard of Willie Horton you will soon. Anyone who says that the Dixiecrats all left with Strom Thurmond or that they all come from the South is either delusional or lying through their teeth.

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