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Pornographer attacks Presidential candidate over gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Now I really am confused…is this guy “Gay for Pay”? 4XXX rated films under his…eh…belt and he is now a Right Wing activist against Obama? Did I miss something? (no not the porn film!)

  2. Perhaps Mr. Sanchez was too busy googling his own name to bother with research. What is his point exactly anyway? That conservatives should oppose Obama (as if they don’t already) because he’s gay friendly? That gays should oppose Obama because one of his associates is an ex-gay like Mr. Sanchez?

    Should Michelle Malkin and Sanchez’s other lunatic fringe allies throw him under the bus because of his past as a gay prostitute? Double standard much?

  3. One more thing… Listen to this audio recording and tell me what you think is going on…

    Is this a recording of Matt Sanchez confronting a stalker/crank caller? Or is it Matt Sanchez trying to set up a date between himself and some anonymous stranger that he wants to have sex with that he met in a gay chat room?

    This was recorded last January and posted online by Matt Sanchez because he was afraid his wouldbe lover might go public.

    No one should ever mistake this clown for a serious journalist. He’s a self-hating fraud who’s been ramping up the homophobic rhetoric lest his bigoted friends on the right figure out what he really is.

    Sad really.

  4. You only have a ‘right’ to be called ‘gay’ if you are a Democrat. We expect others’ to be tolerant of us, yet we are completly intolerant of any divergent views ourselves. I am black and can say honestly that within our community a lot of homophobia exists. The Republican Right are so Evil that they allow this guy to speak on their behalf. They are so Racist that Ms Malkin is is their supporter. Yes I do believe the LEFT are really tolerant.

    These same Liberals that support Iran. as Iran advertises its GAYS hanging on the end of ropes on cranes.

    Maybe you should practice what you preach.

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