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Mayor of Berlin unveils memorial to gay victims of Nazis

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Reader comments

  1. It’s great news that there is now a Berlin monument to LGBT people who suffered under the Nazis. Every European Capital City should have one!

  2. It is worthy of note that in the former East German Democratic Republic law reform in favour of the homosexual community preceded that in the West German Federal Republic by many years.The re-imprisonment oh homosexuals released from concentration camps is a reminder that deNazification was not total in the Bundes Republic Deutschland.Indeed the homophobic governments in the former east Bloc states recently admitted to the EU have heavy and revived fascist elements in their politics as well as the homphobically corrosive influence of the Ratzinger Papacy.Indeed Ratzinger’s home German State of Bavaria has always been a byword for cruel homophobia as well as being the cradle of Nazism.

  3. Watch this ‘Pink Pasty’ youtube video about the Gay Holocaust

  4. I read a lot on nazi’s and the war and never found out …im in shock.Its still not really accepted because it’s never taught in school an hardly written about in books.The most scary thing is it could easily happen again,because it not accepted.

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