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COMMENT: Nul points for Eurovision 2008

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Reader comments

  1. A complete and utter farce and no longer the camp and fun event it was. You could tell that “Sir Tel”‘s heart wasn’t in it this year and no wonder. Its just like the Roman Empire and its got too big to rule; we should have the Western Eurovision and the Eastern Eurovision if we have anything at all; as far as I am concerened let them get on with it the UK should say NON! to Eurovision.

  2. Really, play the world’s smallest violin….when was Eurovision EVER about music?? It is an insult to music and it’s high time it bit the dust.

    Never mind looking at where any british artists came. ASk yourself, who buys any of the mindless crap that wins the contest? Who has launched their career off Eurovision? At best you get a novelty act, with a one hit wonder. But the music charts from around Europe tell us, no-one wants to know.

    Fact is, the UK has the best artists and the best DJs. All you have to do is tune into In New Music We Trust and the Essential Selection on Radio 1 to hear why. No contest needed!

  3. “While relieved that the feared homophobic violence on the streets of Belgrade did not materialise”

    I’m afraid that’s not true. A Polish man with BBC accreditation was beaten up in a Belgrade burger bar last week, because he was with a Eurovision party. Eurovision equals gay in the minds of some locals, because of the propaganda put out by the Catholic group previously.

    Where do you think Finland and Greece are, by the way? Both recent winners and both in Western Europe last time I looked.

    The contest is working fine, with the best songs generally ending up on top. If we send something no one can remember and then get drawn early in the running order, we’re not going to do well, but all fans and bookies knew that anyway. The UK’s result was deserved and no surprise.

  4. “ASk yourself, who buys any of the mindless crap that wins the contest? Who has launched their career off Eurovision? At best you get a novelty act, with a one hit wonder.”

    Taking the 2 points in turn:

    * This years winner Dima Bilan is a huge artist in Russia. Sells tons of music. Does very nicely out of it.
    *Careers? Abba – nuff said. Celine Dion’s put a few quid in the bank too since winning. Dana had a reasonable career – even got into politics (questionable views on homosexuality though!) Olivia Newton John did ok out of it and Cliff and LuLu paid a few bills since they appeared. Even an interval act did ok out of filling in before the voting – RiverDance anyone? There are others, many of which UK residents might not be familiar with, but who are huge abroad and who made it big through Eurovision.

    You are right though – it’s not really about music. More importantly it’s about the frock, the hair and the dance routine.

    We could, and should be able to walk it each year with the selection of talent we have, but instead we send a failed X Factor entry. Why do we do this? A) Because we seem to be addicted to phone vote talent contests to produce domestic popstars and West End musical stars and B)Because we don’t take this slavish addiction as seriously when the phone vote talent contest involved is to send an act to represent us to the euro millions. Any old bit of dross will do.

    However, part of the fun of Eurovision is that it is so completely naff, ruling out any requirement to be serious. We’re not a nation that has to use Eurovision as a method to get noticed by the rest of Europe. Our drunken fighting after footy matches and vomiting in the streets of holiday resorts means that our euro cousins are more than aware of us already. Bombing bits of Iraq back to the Stone Age also got a bit of coverage on the evening news in Paris, Berlin and Riga. Perhaps that’s got something to do with why nations that do take Eurovision a little more seriously don’t score us big when they get a chance to let us know how they feel?

    If I want to be serious I will listen to serious musicians. If I want to expose myself to industrial strength naffness and off-the scale camp then I’ll settle down in front of the telly with a few mates, a few beers and a selection of european nibbles and suspend my disbelief in front of the Eurovision for one night, once a year. It’s kind of like that other big, unnecessary annual blow out people get worked up about – it’s kind of a gay Christmas. It’s there, you don’t have to believe in it, but it’s hard not to notice. There are many different ways to celebrate it, and for those who don’t want to, there are options – ‘In new Music We Trust’? like jot eating turkey and pulling a cracker, you might be called a killjoy, but it’s great to have the choice.

    (p.s that little cutey from Iceland should have won – if you haven’t seen the video, you should. It is PERFECT Eurovision: )

  5. Christos Papas 30 May 2008, 7:51am

    Britain with a long contribution to pop, modern music and Eurovision competition lets send a better representative first, and then complain for the voting system……
    I am against politics in Eurovision. However, there are excellent songs there. Armenia, Norway, Albania for this year. Of course we should reconsider the votting system.
    We are sorry that Europe is not only Britain. We are sorry that not all of us speak fluently English!!!!
    Christos (from Greece)
    PS: The Greek song was awfull for this year.

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