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UK is “committed to promoting LGBT rights overseas”

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 23 May 2008, 1:40pm

    I might then be appropriate for the government to start in its own back yard and sort the Cayman Islands out for a start.

    The islanders seem to be confusing ‘rabid homophobia’ with ‘charming local custom’ and promoting it as something that makes them different and somehow better than other civilised nations.

    The resource we plough into that poisonous little sandbank, coral reef, or whatever it is, could be better spent in this country on any number of other things rather than bankrolling their bigoted beliefs.

    Another good place to start would be the Gambia, which despite millions in cash from us every year and untold bilateral agreements, supposedly all geared towards democracy and human rights and now forcing all gay people out of the country. The taxes of gay people have contributed heavily to the handouts the Gambia gets from Britain, and clearly they do not find our money in the least offensive. As the president is clearly doing a Zimbabwe, it might be time to start threatening to cut the cash off now. These things invariably start with a witch hunt against gays.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 May 2008, 3:32pm

    I’ve been advocating the withdrawal of all financial aid to commonwealth and former commonwealth countries for a long time and received flack for it. Personally, I’d like to see offending members excluded once and for all. The only good thing that came out of the commonwealth was Canada, New Zealand, Australia and S. Africa. Glad to see others are coming around.

  3. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 24 May 2008, 5:46am

    This “feel good’ initiative might ring a little less hollow if were backed up by government economic embargos against the offending nations, except for food, medicines and humanitarian necessities, but especially including military and police equipment and training (so the offending governments are more susceptible to being toppled by revolutions).

    It would also help if the Home Office announced that it was granting permanent asylum to the victims of bigot states who are fleeing persecution, murder and prison, starting with the 25 or so already requesting asylum according to Omar Kuddus of Gay Asylum. (Kuddus, if you recall, helped spark the international campaign to save Mehdi Kazemi from deportation to a certain death. Kuddus soldiered on in his efforts despite the despicable attempts of anti-asylum Tories to sidetrack him with a campaign of personal attacks and slanders.)

    The highly effective and voluntary economic boycott against the racist SA Nationalist government, although not sanctioned by major governments, was still a powerful weapon. It was instrumental in ending the nationalists racist regime in spite of Harold Wilson’s cowardice when asked if the Labour government would support divestment. With government approval and participation economic embargoes could be an extremely powerful weapon, perhaps even forcing the US to give up its opposition to adding sexual orientation to the charter of the UN Commission on Human Rights.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 May 2008, 1:51pm

    Bill, you raise some excellent points, I concur. The EU should also impose similar sanctions on offending members who refuse to implement non-discriminatory legislation for LGBT citizens if its that serious about equality for all.

  5. Shame the UK Government is not as commited to doing the same over the river Tamar regarding homophobic police & local authorities.

  6. OMAR KUDDUS,GAY ASYLUM UK 25 May 2008, 4:42pm

    If our government feels so strongly against authoritarian states, pray tell why is the policy not accessible or made public, and took months of notations and pleadings and international pressure to get Madhi to stay and not be deported.

    If it feels strongly as it says it does why is it trying to deport JoJo back?

    Why is it going to take another international campaign and pressure to get him the right to stay that he deserves, for our government has finally seen that the world is not going to tolerate homophobia or let fellow humans suffer just due to their sexuality.

    The fundamental bases of all people is the right, that sexuality and FREEDOM of our sexuality is just as much a fundamental right as any other that we are granted.

    The words “Our work concentrates on those aspects of discrimination where UK intervention may have a positive effect such as non-discrimination in the application of human rights; decriminalisation of same sex relationships; support for LGBT activists and human rights defenders and raising LGBT issues at international and multilateral institutions.” Is just lip service until it actually proves that it means what it says.

  7. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 26 May 2008, 11:41pm

    Omar, I know you endangered your own health with the killer pace you set by non-stop efforts to save Mahdi Kazemi. Your work combined with the efforts of GLBT activists around the world were key in throwing the glare of publicity on the Home Office and compelling them to stop, at least for a few years, their disgusting efforts to send him to certain death. The victory in this case was the opening battle in a global effort to save lives threatened by homophobia and islamophobia.

    I’m glad to see that you’re on the mend.

  8. any bet u all are white people who are making these comments. as far as i’m concerned you all white/Europeans are the roots of all the vile sexual nastiness which pervades society, from homosexuality between men to eating each others shit just to get off. you all are a bunch of godless , filthy, nasty people who will one day destroy the foundations of humanity. now let me make this absolutely clear, we will never bow or bend to the nasty white mans request in absorbing such filthiness into our society not now not ever not in heaven or hell so help us god, I’m sure we in the Caribbean will never bent to the likes of you or your perverted shameless government. we will never bend to absorb an atrocious non-productive and vile nasty act even if we live for 10000 years.
    do u really think sanctions and embargoes can affect us or will ever work, if you all really believe that you all have taken a six for a nine. you all need jesus that’s what. from barbados right up the entire caribbean chain to jamacia we will be defiant. filthy nasty white descendants of homosexual European slave drivers.

    what you all should be doing is fighting against human trafficking especially children to nasty homosexual men, pedophilia, illegal wars. i’m sure it would be far more productive than pushing this filthy gay agenda.

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