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Foreign Office instructs embassies to push LGBT rights

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 May 2008, 1:17pm

    A noble undertaking, but is our government that naive to think that offending countries will take note, especially where there are right wing regimes in power, islamic and christian alike? I find it odd that Italy and Greece aren’t mentioned by name, just a reference to eastern europe and elsewhere. Every EU country should be mandated to enact nondiscrimatory legislation based on sexual orientation, otherwise, face expulsion. Its the only way to deal with it, get tough or get lost.

  2. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 23 May 2008, 6:58am

    A good start, and one that will carry real weight once a welcoming hand is extended to GLBT and other refugees fleeing murder and torture at the hands of catholic, protestant, orthodox and muslim bigots.

  3. neil from Sydney 25 May 2008, 9:14am

    I agree with Robert and Bill and would like to call this initiative by FCO as unique and long over due. Countries like India which has recorded 8% economic growth and assumes that it is a great player in the international politics has to understand that there is decorum and human rights to be implemented and maintained to reach that stature. It is unacceptable that a country which enshrines secularism as one of its core national ethos still is maintaining an archaic law of Victorian era. And only reason that it may be compelled to decriminalise homosexuality will be when international community pressurises the country. When its a matter of human rights sovereignty of a nation should take a back step and ciminalising homosexuality in 21st century is against any country’s national interest. Homosexuality is an inherent truth of every civilisation either its Islam, hindu or Judeo Christian. for Every civilisation procreation is a must to keep its flag flying and homosexuality is according to those religious beliefs is antithetical to procreation. Just to deny a human being his or her right to life because he or she is not a part of that bandwagon is itself a heinous and criminal act that should be punishable under human rights law. Therefore in my opinion a person who opposes homosexuality should be treated as a criminal rather than a person who has same-sex preference.

  4. Vidyaratha Kissoon 25 May 2008, 1:46pm

    What is really annoying, as I read this, that the British Government nowhere assumes responsiblity for the crap it left behind in its colonies. The sodomy laws are one of the venerable British institutions.. and if somewhere in this, they admit in the changing society, that they had to change. We also have to deal with the issue of beating children in Schools, another venerable British tradition left here. They should acknowledge that Britain itself has evolved.

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