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European Parliament demands US reconsider HIV ban

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 May 2008, 3:13pm

    Not going to happen, maybe the policy will change once the neocons are booted from office in November since it was under their administration that the original ban was instigated, no surprise there either. If Americans believe in stigma and anti-gay discrimination including the ban in some states on same-sex marriage, then the conservative (republican) party is for them, the party of hate. That will never change.

  2. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 22 May 2008, 5:32pm

    I agree with Robert. But still, the EU Parliament is doing us all a favor by condemning the US policy. US politicians of both parties self-importantly view themselves as leaders of the worlds last “superpower”, an overrated idea that will be shredded by their impending defeat in Iraq.

    The administration and the Congress, Democrats included, have long been in the habit of “lecturing” other nations about human rights. This comes from politicians who authored the genocide in Iraq, who give full support to zionist apartheid and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians, who maintain the illegal occupation of Afghanistan, who turn away people with HIV/AIDS and whose policies allows immigrant workers in custody to die for want of meds.

    Incredibly arrogant and preposterous are the words that apply but even they don’t do justice to the enormity of Bush’s hypocrisy, which is shared by the Democrats. The EU may be doing a little backsliding on GLBT rights under the pressure of the Polish ultra rightists and the Tories but in this case we have to salute them.

  3. Oh Bill, Just think of a visit to my country (the USA) as a visit to a theme park. Instead of “Tommorrowland” think of us as “Yesterdayland” or “TwoCenturiesAgoLand” or even “Stoneageland.” And then, think of what it’s like to live in what has basically become the USSR with none of the social benefits, much of the repression, but really great shopping.

  4. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 24 May 2008, 4:34am

    mcQ – if this were the USSR we’d have guaranteed education, healthcare, jobs and long Euro style vacations, all deformed by a one party bureaucratic dictatorship. But lousy shopping.

    Instead here in the US we have a swiftly declining standard of living, awful health care, and most of we have to work overtime through our vacations just to make ends meet, all made worse by a two party sham of democracy, but good shopping, if you have anything left over after buying gas to get to your overpriced apartment becuase you house was forclosed…

  5. USA – World leaders , don’t make me laugh, Uk was once one of your main allies but ask us today how we feel and your on your own buddy, no one should be denied the right to travel the World and broaden their life experiences, the chances are that if you know you have HIV you are probably least likely to infect anyone else or at least in control of your responsibility to manage the non spread of the Virus, Immigration should worry about all of the HIV+ travellers who don’t know they have this awful disease these are the travelers who will spread the disease un knowingly, why should we have to lie or even share a very personal medical problem to gain access to visit or travel through the states and hope to GOD that your Meds are not discovered by a Homophobic Immigration officer !!Come on USA get with the program, when it comes to full time immigration thats another matter due to health care costs, by all means prevent terrorism at all costs and I agree extra security is needed everywhere but let those folks with debilitating deseases enjoy the remaining years with out the added stress of being criminalised for wanting to share a holiday experience with family and friends.

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