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Court ruling allows legal challenge to US gay military ban

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 23 May 2008, 6:51am

    I hope it’s true that DADT, the bigoted gay bashing holdover from the Clintons administration is in trouble. Although it makes you wonder why the Democrats, who controlled congress for the last two years couldn’t even begin to muster enough votes in their party to repeal it. If it does get the ax it won’t be because the Democrats and Republicans have developed a sudden interest in the well being of GLBT and other service members. That’s unlikely given their common determination to keep them and all the GI’s in the Middle East securing hegemony for US petroleum producers using genocide as their weapon of choice. They justify that genocide with the kind of racist islamophobia so familiar to readers of the Pinknews comments section.

    These politicians are at ease with US soldiers getting mauled and killed by the Iraqi insurgents (as long as their children aren’t involved.) The US forces casualty toll is now 4079 dead and 29,978 wounded, about half of them seriously. Their only interest is in getting enough cannon fodder to continue the genocide in Iraq, which under Clinton and Blair was more properly called an infanticide because it murdered roughly half a million children, plus the additional million or more Iraqis murdered by the Bush/Blair invasion and occupation.

    We should do everything we can to defend our LGBT brothers and sisters in the armed forces and everything we can to convince others not to join up and not to participate in the genocide against muslims.