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Christian registrars “terrified” of civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. And the again the Xians with the “I’m being persecuted” routine.

    People in the public seervice have to carry out their jobs impartially and without prejudice.

    People in the religious sector can be more bigotted, perhaps she needs a career move

  2. elizabet veldon 22 May 2008, 2:39pm

    they’re ‘terrified’? Just like me when I hear someone declsir themselfs ‘a Christian.’

    It’s just a Jewish Herosy anyway.

  3. Alison Dale 22 May 2008, 3:04pm

    A career move is certainly what Ms.Ladele requires, she is not fit for her job and bigotry has no place in the UK or elsewhere! I have made civil partnership plans with Hackney Council for my partner and I later in the year, so far they could not have been more helpful! We are two transsexuals who have been partners for 15 years now, I wonder how “terrified” that would make Ms.Ladele? Islington Coucil HAVE to win this case for LGBT rights to move forward another notch, one day we might actually have equal rights!

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 May 2008, 3:18pm

    And I bet both twats vote conservative too! Nobody should be above the law even if their religious beliefs are in conflict. If they’re paid by the taxpayers then they either have to put up with it or find another job just like the rest of us. Why don’t they find jobs in their churches, I’m sure there are plenty to go around.

    If these socalled christians and others want exemptions, then maybe we should all be demanding the disestablishment of the church and let them fend for themselves. Why should our tax pounds prop up their bigotry and refusal to obey the laws of the land? They can’t have it both ways.

  5. Robert Arnold 22 May 2008, 3:37pm

    I thought the job of registrar was to register births, deaths and marriages. Are any of them allowed to not record the birth of a child born to parents “living in sin”,or not record the death of someone that commits suicide. I’m sorry I just don’t understand why they don’t understand, religious weddings take place in places of worship, civil weddings whether straight or gay are officiated by government officials, who follow the law of the land. If she wants to perform religious services she should join a seminary. I have great respect for people who follow their consciences, they do what they feel is right, often at great cost to themselves. But this woman wants it both ways, she does not agree with the law of the land but does not want to walk away from lucrative special straight weddings. She has no principles, just greed.

  6. elizabet veldon 22 May 2008, 3:50pm


    Much as I am not a Tory suporter I’d like to point out that the LABOR Prime Minister has always voted against Queer Rights.

    Before bashing the goverment in waiting bash the one in power.

  7. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 22 May 2008, 4:59pm

    People who adopt silly religious lifestyles do so at their own risk. It’s their choice; they aren’t forced to believe bizarre superstitions. They freely chose to be emotionally and educationally crippled.

    That being the case they’ll just have to grow up and accept that there are dangers that come with flirtations with christian irrationality, one of which is that they often seem to step over the borders of sanity. Another drawback is that it makes christians and other superstitious types unfit for public service. Ladele admitted that she’s “unable to directly facilitate the formation of a union that I sincerely believe is contrary to God’s law.”

    If their freely adopted disability means they can’t perform their duties they should be given psychiatric counseling and reassigned until they’re cured. Otherwise they should be fired. They can always get a job with the c of e, the roman cult, the tories or even the BNP. Or maybe they could emigrate to Gambia.

  8. Dominick J. 22 May 2008, 4:59pm

    We are having the same probelm here in California. Clerks are using that same “woe is me” BS so they don’t have to preform a Civil Marriage when asked. Here is the States we do have Separation of Church and State and I say FIRE THEIR ASSES! Their religious belief of contempt is no longer valid!

  9. George Bowden 22 May 2008, 5:27pm

    Ironic that the woman is at odds with Islington Council over civil same-sex partnerships, seeing as Islington is meant to boast the biggest gay population of any single borough in London. Not so is this continued argument between outspoken Christians and the LGBT community about “sinful” lifestyles and such… it dismays me because I have Christian friends who have very easily reconciled their faith with the fact that there are people out there who are gay and they are being pigeonholed into the same category as these misinformed idiots. I should say that this woman was especially naive and stupid to think that, as a member of a borough council, she was never going to be confronted with any sort of situation where her own beliefs and moral compass would be challenged. Regardless though, her role was as an impartial party providing a service… her private opinions and beliefs had no priority to get in the way of that! Granted, she’s entitled to her beliefs however pig-ignorant and misinformed they are, but for shrugging away her responsibilities like that, the council had every right to discipline her. God can be blamed for such infuriatingly stupid things sometimes, eh?

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 May 2008, 9:35pm

    Elizabeth, I’m not exactly enamored of Gordon Brown, but do you really think David Cameron would have done any better or differently? I think not, he’d have give this woman every consideration and allowed her to exercise her prejudice as she sees fit. He recently voted against lesbian IVF rights, lets not forget that and that his party introduced that vicious piece of legislation known as Section 28. Now that the the tory party is being infiltrated by right wing christian zealots, you can bet he’ll be kow-towing to them, be careful what you wish for.

  11. Freethinker 22 May 2008, 11:41pm

    Same old story! nuts enforcing lifestyle choices on others…..!

  12. She is a public servant in a democracy – she MUST accept the democratic process – or resign. Who would want her performing their ceremony anyway?

    By the way, does she shave her legs, work on the sabbath, wear garments mad from two different threads and all that other famous list of “sins” in the bible that so-called christians conveniently ignore?

  13. The whole ‘can’t marry the gays or lesbians because it goes against my religion’ argument is entirely bogus. As the first commandment of the Christian religion is ‘thou shalt not worship any God but me’, a ‘Christian’ registrar would have the ability to claim that he or she couldn’t marry a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Bahai, Buddhist, Jain, Zorosastrian, Wiccan, agnostic or atheist on the grounds that these people don’t worship a Christian god. A registrar’s job is to fulfil a legal obligation and register a union that’s recognised by the GOvernment, irrespective of any church’s views.

  14. Rabbi Mark Solomon 23 May 2008, 10:39am

    An irony of the registrar situation that I have not seen mentioned so far is that, if the woman in question is such a committed Christian, I am surprised she presides over civil marriages from which all religious content is banned by law. Presumably she would prefer that all the couples she marries civilly had a church wedding instead.
    The Christian Institute spokesman asserts that “no homosexual couple is being denied their right to marriage,” but of course all homosexual couples are denied the right to marry, since civil partnership is not legally marriage, and I as a gay rabbi am not allowed to perform a legal religious marriage service for a gay couple, as I am for straight couples.
    The whole point of civil marriage is that it is a “religion free zone,” so the registrar doesn’t have a leg to stand on and should certainly find another job – maybe train for the priesthood, where she would be legally entitled to discriminate against gay people.

  15. QUOTE : Ms Ladele claims she was shunned by colleagues and her superiors showed no respect for her religious beliefs”

    And this is surprising because?

    Can someone please tell me why someone who believes in an imaginary man in the sky who can supposedly hear the thoughts of everyone should be respected?

    This nonsense is like a vegetarian getting a job in a butcher shop, then refusing to work, as killing animals for food is against their beliefs. Nobody is forcing this woman to do this job.

    Besides, I really fail to see what a registry office wedding, gay or straight, has to do with the church, as neither is a religious service. If churches were being forced to do civil partnerships within their churches I’d have some sympathy, but registry office weddings and partnerships have got b@gger all to do with the church or any imaginary god.

    If these people believe so strongly in god, what on earth are they doing performing straight secular weddings, should they not refuse to do those also?? Should they not demonstrate to have registry office straight weddings banned??

    I hope this woman and the american fascist religious bigots who support her lose big-time. Apparently, god is love – unless you’re gay, in which case the most venomous hateful, spiteful behaviour by religious people is quite ok. Utter hateful nonsense.

  16. elizabet veldon 24 May 2008, 3:27pm

    off the topic but…

    Robert we should not forget that it is This goverment who have desided for no reason and without any explination to not ratify the extention of equality in provision of goods and services to Transpeople for no reason, who allowe da get out clause for Homaphobic bullying in schools by saying that bullying bassed on Gender is aceptable, who have given religions a get out clause to discriminate against Trans people.

    I’m sorry but Labor has betrayed the vision of First Term Blair who wanted to get rid of any and all discriminatory laws.

  17. Robert Arnold 24 May 2008, 5:09pm

    The more I think about this the more it bugs me. Ms Ladele has said that she is an orthodox christian. Was she questioned as to what she meant? Does she mean that she is a member of a Greek, Russian, Serbian or other Orthodox church, because as far as I know there is no orthodox C of E. There is the conservative(fundamentalist) wing of anglicanism (nutty african bishops) or she could be Catholic. It must be noted that all of the above do not agree with the ordination of women. So if her religion believes that she’s not good enough to marry people, why is she a registrar, or dosn’t it matter if she’s only marrying heathens.It’s time this woman was peeled open like an onion to figure out what’s going on in her brain, because she’s not making any sense. Frankly when she’s been beaten up for being christian, like so many of us have for being gay, then she can talk to us about being discriminated against for her beliefs.

  18. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 May 2008, 5:59pm

    Elizabeth, I understand but do you even think you’ll get protection for the transgendered with Cameron at number 10 either? I think not. Its no reason to give your vote to them just because Brown didn’t come through on everything. You’ll get less from Cameron, believe me if the christian right wingers who’ve now joined his party have any influence most of whom are mysoginists including women.

    Paul, I totally agree with your comments.

    Rabbi Mark Solomon, you’re absolutely right too, no gay couple in the UK has the right to marry when last I checked. Further, this woman is a civil servant performing civil duties that our tax pounds pay her to do. If she can’t do that, then she deserves to be fired and in violation of her terms of employemnt. There should be absolutely NO opt out clause based on religious beliefs, and they should not be above the law either. Civil partnerships have NOTHING to do with marriage, she needs to understand that. How convenient she elects to discriminate based on I assume one verse in Leviticus, arguable at best. Yet she ignores the rest of scripture upon which christianity is built and deliberately ignores references that apply to her and her kind. Hypocrisy is amazing isn’t it especially when it comes to religion, or cultism more appropriately which is what it really is. If she believes in the Leviticus reference, then she should also believe in the rest of the derogatory references that do not put her and her followers in a very good light, such as killing one’s wife for adultery, stoning one’s children to death for insolence, the eating of shell fish, shaving of one’s beard, that men may take more than one wife, yes polygamy is acceptable in scripture too. Its sickening that in the 21st century people like her cling to such primitive, contradictory beliefs. She and others like her need to get a life and a good rogering.

  19. I wonder if this woman is happy to marry non-christian / non-believing people, considering it is also stated in the bible that we should not be ‘yoked (married) to non-believers’. I bet she is – oh the hypocracy!!

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