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Poland seen as “a country of homophobes and Teletubbies specialists”

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Reader comments

  1. Peter Piper 21 May 2008, 7:46pm

    Poland is still a Catholic country and this goes with some of their politicians hardline attitudes to gay and lesbian people. If they could opt out of the modern world we would have the inquisiton back.

  2. William - Dublin 21 May 2008, 7:51pm

    Poor Poland. Doesn’t like being called homophobic. Well, we don’t like being called deviants.

    If the shoe fits….

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 May 2008, 7:52pm

    What can one expect from a backward thinking society. Italy should also be inducted into the hall of shame, given its dismal record on equality.

  4. Why don’t these Poland bashers show the actual video footage of what the “homophobic” Poles saw? Why don’t they show where one Teletubby was bending over and at that moment the other Teletubby used his long tongue to lick the bending over Teletubby’s butt cheeks? Do little kids need to see that?

  5. I agree with Max. When I first heard about this I thought the Polish people were being intolerant and homophobic. Afterall that’s what the newsmedia was saying. But when I saw that one Teletubby bending over and the other Teletubby using his 7 foot tongue to lick the bending over Teletubby’s but, I thought WTF??

    What kind of deviant sickos would put this on a children’s show? At the same time they were smearing Poland unjustly. God Bless the Poles for having the guts to speak out against this depravity.

    Would you people with young children want your kids to see this vile imagery? By the way the creators of the Teletubbies have stated that the Teletubbies are all male.

  6. I agree with you guys.

    That Teletubby imagery of one Teletuby licking the butt of the other was nasty! Why do young kids need to see that garbage? Evidently the psychos who run the media including the kids media feel kids need this garbage in their brains.

    I think even fair minded homosexuals would be against this. Should any ADULT sex act be included in a young kids show like a Blow J*b for that matter?

    I also think the people saying that “Poland is seen as a country of homophobes” are themselves seen as being virulent anti-Polish anti-Catholic Anti-Christian bigots.

    I was listening to the Bill Cunningham national radio show a few weeks ago and they were talking about how most of the media is controlled by left-wing Communist sympathizing Catholic-haters.

    That is why the Catholic Church gets bashed a lot in the media and why Catholic nations like Poland and Italy get smeared and bashed by the TV and news media.

    Its not politically correct to be a Catholic according to the left-wing vermin who control the media. This explains their obsession with bashing all people and nations that are Catholic.

  7. William - Dublin 22 May 2008, 8:51am

    Jim, Marcos… when you start using the words “depravity” to describe the TeleTubbuies, there’s clearly something wrong here. Are you both working for the Polish tourist board or something? Look, TeleTubbies aside, Poland’s President and former government is CLEARLY homophobic. The new one isn’t exactly all embracing either. Poland does not have the “guts” to stand up for moral order, as you put it, its a backward run down country trying desperately to impose its catholic crap on a continent that, for the most part, has moved on past that kind of sanctimonious crap. What’s next, I suppose you think its “brave” of Poland to remind Germany that they would have a bigger population if it wasn’t for their war? Yeah right.

  8. That wasn’t the Teletubby’s tongue and it wasn’t licking, it was tingling. You can interpret it as having sexual innuendo, but accuracy wouldn’t hurt.
    Jim and Marcos, how does the fact that this scene exists make Polish authorities less homophobic? Ms Sowinska was protesting the fact that Tinky Winky was wearing a lady’s purse.
    And you really don’t need to be a left-wing Communist sympathizer to know that Catholicism and homophobia are strongly linked. Do you ever listen to what the Pope has to say about homosexuality?

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 May 2008, 1:34pm

    Marcos, the Catholic church brings the bashing on itself. It constantly generates intolerance that often leads incitement to hatred and in some cases the death of LGBT people everywhere. It has no moral authority to judge others. It needs to get its own house in order, clergy molesters both gay and straight, philanderers too. Its a corrupt institution that is in decline, rotting from within. Its the same church that prohibits condom distribution in Africa and elsewhere in the emerging countries of the world, leading to unnecessary deaths. Yes, your church has blood on its hands my friend, condoning death by its stubborn refusal to deal with reality. Its anti contraception rule may help in creating more catholics to add to its dwindling numbers, but its also the cause of poverty and starvation, andin some instances death because of it. How moral is that and for that matter, how christian is it? Get it? I guess not. The catholic church in essence is morally bankrupt and I will continue to promote its bashing as long as it continues to bash my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters, everywhere.

  10. elizabet veldon 22 May 2008, 4:01pm

    dearohdear a Catholic Apoligist on this site…

    Why in god’s name do they bother? It’s a Queer site friend, don’t come on if you are going to be offended.

    As to ‘bashing catholics’ let me just point out:

    Catholics want to halt Queer Rites
    Catholics don’t want Pride Marches
    The Catholic Church is trying to infulance European Goverments as regards Queer Rites
    The Catholic Church threatend to excomunicat MPs who voted for embreo reserch, IVF for single women and leasians and the continuation of the 24 week abortion limit
    The Catholic church thinks we’re all sinfull and moraly corupt because we happen to not be Hetrosexual
    The Catholic Church refuses to accept that I (as a Transwoman) even exist.

    Bash the church? That’s just self defence.

  11. William my friend,

    With all due respect I think you are a little misguided and going off on other tangents.

    The primary issue at hand here is not the Teletubbies in general but the specific imagery of an Adult sexual act that is shown to young children. Did you actually see the teletubby video footage at issue? I did. Many other people who initially thought the Polish critics were “homophobic” actually agreed with the Polish critics when they actually saw the footage of one Teletubby using his 5 foot long tongue to lick the butt of another Teletubby who was bending over. Is this needed on a Children’s program? I mean really.

    I have gay friends and even they think that type of TV imagery is inappropriate for young children. Do you disagree? That and only that is the issue at hand so I don’t know why you start going off about issues pertaining to Germany and what not.

    Also you accuse me of using generalizing words like “depravity”, I did not although I did think this imagery was nasty for children. I think its interesting you accuse me of using generalizing words but then you use generalizations to describe Poland.

    If Poland has problems its more because of what was done to it by others then anything else.

    And don’t worry I’m not a card carrying Catholic since I disagree with half of the things the Catholic Church believes in.

    Since I see you are pro-German, don’t worry about Poland “imposing its Catholic crap on the continent” (it is not) since neighboring Germany is already 40% Catholic. Also the current Polish Prime Minister Tusk has a good working relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Interestingly enough, the German Chancellor has said in so many words that Europe should stick to its Christian roots and had backing for this sentiment by conservative Poles and Italians.

  12. Robert,

    Actually I don’t disagree with too much of your criticims of the Catholic Church.

    I do think its interesting that you mentioned that some of the molesters in the Catholic Church are gays themselves. That’s true and I think it was wrong for the Catholic Church to let those type of people in as well as not vetting out properly other future priests who would have the predisposition to do some sick molesting later on.

    I also agree with you that the Catholic Church can be too judgemental and frankly I think the Catholic Church should stay out of Africa since they are only making matters worse over their with their Holier then Thou attitude.

    I also disagree with the American Catholic Church in busting down our borders and letting in illegal aliens so that they can fill the Church seats. That’s wrong!

    Here’s one I think you will like, I also think priests should GET MARRIED LOL I guess that doesn’t make me a Catholic though in some people’s eyes.

    If people have criticisms of the Catholic Church that they can substantiate – then fair enough! But what I don’t like is double standards where the Catholic Church as a media magnifying glass on it that other religions like Judaism, Islam, Hinduism don’t have.

    Did you know percentage wise molestation goes on proportionally the same in most other major religions as Catholicism?

  13. William - Dublin 23 May 2008, 11:09am

    Well, Marcos, your thinly veiled defensiveness of the Catholic church aside, Poland is NOT a product of “of what was done to it by others”. Such nonsense! Should we continue to berate the Germans for the war? Perhaps the Irish should continue to attack British tourists because of the Act of Union in 1800? Or Norway for Viking raids on Europe? Please, EVERY country can boo-hoo over what was done to it in the past, but that’s the point on moving forward. Poland, alas, is not moving forward, and is using the past as some sort of ridiculous explanation for its intolerance. Our christian heritage, as you put it, is nothing more then an excuse for you religious types to hinder human rights.

    And while you’re (badly) pretending to be radical and opposed to the catholic church teachings, its interesting that you focused on Robert point that some molesters in the church are gay. Roberts context is that BOTH orientations could be guilty, but all statistical data indicated that child molestation is primarily committed by heterosexual people. Also, I couldn’t care less if you think that priests can marry! The cathiolic church, was and still is responsible repression of truth, science and freedom’s. How silent was your church during the Irish Famine? Where was it during the Holocaust? The burning of scientific books and people accused of witchcraft? The Inquisition? Please, I could write 10 bibles full of the injustices of the catholic church, so don’t lecture me on “criticisms of the Catholic Church that they can substantiate”. You need to open your eyes. Every gay and and woman has EVERY right to criticise the church, and other religious that aim to suppress them, and I am fully with Robert and Elizabeth on that.

    Keep your catolic crap to yourself and get off this site… there are plenty of christian sites for you and your kind to bask in your own sanctimonious discrimination of others.

    Oh, and the word “depravity” was used by your “christian” cohort Jim. Please read ALL the comments before jumping down people’s throat.

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 May 2008, 1:42pm

    Marcos, the Catholic church needs to address the straight molester issue, there are many believe me and many were involved in the recent molestation scandal in the U.S. though it was played down. If excluding gay celibate men from the priesthood is now the rule of thumb for addmission to seminaries, then the Vatican might as well close shop altogether, because the problem of straight molesters will remain. Having now barred gay candidates for the priesthood, your church will now have to apply the same prohibition to its straight candidates. If every gay priest or religious were to abandon their vocation in protest, you would see the end of the church. Its already in rapid decline and will continue to do so.

    I have no information on molestation in other religions,though I’m sure it exists, would be naive to think otherwise. What I do know is that in the U.S., the incidences of child molestation, according to government sex crime statistics is far higher among the hetero population not just because we’re outnumbered but because of the amount of crimes of this nature that are committed by heterosexuals. The catholic church however erroneously equates paedophilia with a gay sexual orientation which is totally unfounded and not proved. Paedophilia is gender neutral. There were some molesters in the clergy who molested boys but who were heterosexual simply because girls weren’t available or in their charge. A male molesting a male doesn’t necessarily imply that the perpetrator is gay either. THAT has been proved, ask any reputable psychiatrist or psychologist, preferably a non-catholic who is unbiased.

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 May 2008, 3:54pm

    Marcos, though I agree that catholic clergy should be allowed to marry, not that I really care much about that, what I do care about is the misguided notion that having a married clergy will alleviate some of the paedophila and increase vocations. I don’t buy it. After all, many paedophiles are married. I also believe that women should be allowed to be ordained.

  16. William,

    Please stop trying to psychoanalyze me and pretending to think you know what I’m saying better then me.

    For someone who doesn’t like discrimination you sure have a lot of prejudice in your messages.

    You said that Poland is NOT a product of what was done to it by others when I suggested that and then you say “Such Nonsense” “Should we continue to berate the Germans for the war”?

    What is your problem? WHY do you keep bringing up the Germans?? Are you German?

    I meant that up until relatively recently – only 18 years ago – the Soviet Union controlled Poland and other Eastern European countries. If you think the Soviet Union didn’t put scars on these countries and that they are NOT a product of that then you’re crazy.

    Go tell the Romanians, Czecks, Slovaks, Hungarians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians, etc. that at to at least some degree they are NOT a product of the abuses of the the Soviet Union.

    (By the way why don’t you ask the Russians what they think about these Gay related issues? The country that dominated Eastern Europe up until relatively recently)

    The other examples you brought up were done long ago to these other nations so they don’t compare to what happened to the recent events of Eastern Europe.

    I only brought this up since you were bashing Poland as being a “rundown backward country”. And perhaps this might explain to you why Poland was a “rundown backward country”.

    But isn’t that tolerant of you Mr. “I hate discrimination” so hypocritical. How would you like it if people said that about you and your group???

    Although I do agree in prinicipal that all nations/groups of people should eventually get over was done to them and that includes everyone. I find it quite interesting how you go on a rant about how nations/people should get over what was done to them and then you go on and on giving examples of people who had things done to them by the Christian/Catholic Church and how bad it was.

    Also don’t accuse me of “(badly) pretending to be a radical opposed to the Catholic Church’s teachings”. Yeh like I just made all of this up just to entertain someone like you LOL That’s right only “cool people” like you are independent minded.

    I also couldn’t give two craps what you think about me suggesting that priests should marry. Its just my opinion and it was NOT addressed to you anyway.

    You also condemn the Catholic Church for not stopping all of the wrongs in the world. Gee I didn’t know the Catholic Church was the world’s policeman. How about all of the other religions? Do they have this same policeman role too?

    Also why do you think I’m Mr. Joe spokesman for the Catholic Church? Just because I give a view point that counters yours on somethings? Here it is I’m only nominally a Catholic and I have my own disagreements with the Catholic Church. Or are you one of these types that think Catholics “all look the same” “think the same etc”

    I also never tried to “push anything down your throat”. That’s all in your paronoid mind. Its you who is so aggressively pushing your viewpoint down my throat.

    I also NEVER said that Gay people and woman don’t have EVERY right to criticize the church. That’s all in your paranoid mind. If you want to criticize the church then do it!!

    If I was this horrible person “pushing catholic things down your throat” and “basking in sanctimonious dicrimination of others” – which you accuse me of, I wouldn’t have tried to start a CIVIL conversation with you by addressing you as “William my friend”.

  17. William - Dublin 24 May 2008, 12:50pm

    Please , Marcos, don’t patronise me, I’ve met enough apologists for the catholic church to see the same patterns. I’m not going to discuss Poland’s blatant homophobia with someone like you who thinks the poor catholic church doesn’t deserve the bashing it gets from the media “controlled by left-wing Communist sympathizing Catholic-haters”. Please. Talk about paranoid, not to mention a load of crap.

    Oh, on the “German issue”. Read the news papers. Poland wanted more voting rights in the EU because they claim would have had a bigger population if the Germans hadn’t killed Poles during the second world war. A beautiful comment based on logic and European integration, wouldn’t you agree? Silly me for thinking you might actually watch the news once or twice.

  18. OK William

    I will not discuss the Catholic Church thing with you anymore since its obvious both you and me could go back and forth on this all day long so I think we should just agree to disagree on it.

    But since you brought up the German-Polish issue, yes I would agree with you that one of the Kaczinski brothers who mentioned it should have used different wording that was more diplomatic or not even mentioned it at all. I wouldn’t have said that if I was him. These guys are not known for being smooth and that’s why the Prime Minister Kaczynki brother was voted out by the Poles. The new Polish Prime Minister Mr. Tusk would never have said something like that and has a good working relationship with German Chancellor Merkel.

    But since you put this issue on the table, do you think Poland’s population would NOT have been bigger if millions of them were not killed by the Germans. Gee silly for anyone to actually think that if you kill millions of people from a country, that, that my prevent that country from having a larger population in the future. Gee how silly for someone to think that.

    So if some of your family members, children, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc were killed, Gee how silly for anyone to think that maybe your family is smaller then what it could in the future because some of them were killed. You’re right that is a silly thing to conclude.

    Since I noticed your ownly zeroing in on Poland and not your precious Germany or other countries I’m starting to think your not Gay and don’t care about Gays and that your just using this whole issue to bash the Poles.

    If you care so much about prejudice against Gays so much, why don’t you talk about the homophobia going on in your precious Germany especially in the Eastern part?

  19. William - Dublin 24 May 2008, 11:41pm

    “do you think Poland’s population would NOT have been bigger if millions of them were not killed by the Germans.”

    Oh, right. Well made point there. Lets live in the past. Are you some kind of ageing veteran or something? Whats it with you and the anti-German crap? In answer to your question, yes, of course, isn’t it why we’re always listening to the British, the Americans, the French and just about every mainland European state for their complaints about Germany for the war? I don’t thinks so. Defend Poland and the catholic church all you like, you wont get much support from gay people on either of them, so run along there, another bigot on this site we really don’t need.

    Oh, incidentally, Dublin, as per my name below indicates, is in Ireland. Not Germany. I just think the attack on Germany by Poland for more EU voting rights just shows that particular government for the childish pack of twats that they are and that you geographical knowledge of a lemming.

    Good day to you sir, a logical argument seems to be beyond you.

  20. William,

    OK you’re showing your true colors now. Its obvious you are quite German-centric. I don’t care how many times you say you’re from Ireland, you’re obviously a deep German sympathizer (and most likely German). Not that there is anything wrong with that since everyone has a right to their opinion.

    So OK now you’re calling the Poles “twats” and you got the nerve to call me a bigot? Maybe your a Nazi for what you’re calling the Poles. What you’re saying about the Poles are the same things that came out of Adolf’s mouth.

    For the record this whole issue had NOTHING to do with Germans and I NEVER said anything about Germany and EVEN when YOU brought up the Germans I said that the Polish Government and the German Government had a good working relationship. If I wanted to bring up ‘anti-German crap” which you acuse me of I could have said a lot worse things about Germany.

    You said to me in answering my question about less Poles being alive today because of WWII Germany killing off millions of them, you suggested to me that I am living in the past. Uh HELLO YOU are the one who brought that issue up NOT me! All I did was try to answer it once YOU brought it up. You then ignore my example of how Poles and Germans are working together well. I guess its just too much fun in your German-centric Polish-hating mind to think otherwise.

    You then basically tell me why don’t we ALWAYS listen today from France, Britain, America about their complaints about WWII Germany relative to Poland. That’s funny. Like your trying to COMPARE what Germany did to these other countries is even remotely near what was done to Poland by Germany? Are you insane?

    Not to mention the fact that what WWII Germany did to Poland and Eastern Europe set a chain of events that enslaved Poland and Eastern Europe for another 45 years (Meanwhile most of Germany got Marshall Plan Billions of dollars of aid and loans that Eastern Europe never got, and tremendously helped Germany to eventually be where it is today). So Gee EXCUUUUUUUUSE the Poles for maybe mentioning it (and they barely do it) while the Western Nations that DID not go through anything like Poland went through with Germany, don’t. Wow surprise surprise.

    Its obvious that you’re using this whole Poland issue just to bash Poland. You couldn’t give a crap about Gay Rights. I noticed how you don’t talk about all of the Skin Head Gay-Bashing in your precious Germany especially in Eastern
    Germany. Gee I wonder why? LOL

    This original article never mentioned Germany. I NEVER mentioned Germany (and when I did, after YOU BROUGHT IT UP, I said positive things about Poland-Germany) but LO and BEHOLD the FIRST things that comes to your German-centric mind is how Poles are pushing “anti-German crap” about an article that DOES NOT mention Germany.

    Yeh maybe Mr. German Bigot if only I was part of the master race like you then I would be “smart” like you and have “logic” like you LOL

    Good day Adolf

  21. William - Dublin 26 May 2008, 5:27pm

    “Its obvious you are quite German-centric”

    Superb example of Godwins Law there from someone who clearly suffers from diminished capacity.

    You are a complete buffoon.

    Now run along, I’m sure you have some retarded “LOL’s” to put on another site. Muppet.

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