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Stonewall delighted at Commons vote for lesbian rights

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Reader comments

  1. I’m not gay, but I have no problem with Gay and Lesbian people having families and access to the best of medical care to achieve their aims.

    I strongly disagree though with children’s right to a father being removed from law, any law. I don’t understand why Lesbian relationships inparticular couldn’t be recognised in law as a valid potential family unit whilst at the same time recognising the validity of a father in hetrosexual relationships.

    Finally, I’m sorry the last nail in this particular coffin, to say that the old law was biased against single women was just silly.

    So here we have it a law which is totally biased against fathers and effectively removes the need for my kind.

  2. I do not agree with Stonewalls stance. As a gay man, i honestly believe that a child needs both a male and female role models in their life. This does not discriminate against gay people at all. In the future if, I would like a child of my own, it will have a male role model (my self) and a female role model as I believe it is very important for the child to be brought up in such an environment. It is the same for lesbian couples wanting kids, while I recognise they want a child, it is not a right, it’s a privilege. I believe it is right they are allowed to have kids but to be considered for IVF, a male role model should be one of the requirements for them to go ahead. The government talks about wanting to end the number of households without a father, and then they go and vote on this? It is quite contradictory. I supported the Conservative amendment on needing a male role model, this would have ensured that lesbians retain their rights and the baby gets the best of both worlds.

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