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Pope’s ban on gay priests is “without exception”

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Reader comments

  1. William - Dublin 20 May 2008, 3:50pm

    Villian, what an enlightened and intelligent response that was. Well, your charming little repertoire aside, we ARE everywhere. Time to grow up and move on, eh? There’s a good fellow.

    Maybe if you read a few books instead of using them to line the inside of your sleeping kennel, you might actually learn that gay people didn’t “give” the world HIV. HIV is a disease, unlike the stupidity that you’re afflicted with… that, unfortunately is heredity. You’re parents are most probably idiots too, as were their parents before them.

    As for the article, is it any wonder that this religion is dying with this Hitler-Jugend Pope still (insultingly) using gays as as scapegoat for the rampant paedophilia in his decaying organisation? Lets face it, the only people that believe removing gays from the church will “fix” their problems are dimwitted idiots like this “villian” chap.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 May 2008, 4:34pm

    Villain, haven’t you heard, there is no such thing as a gay disease, if there were, no straight would contract it. Yet your and your kind are getting it a far higher rate everywhere on this planet. Go look at the African continent and the far east, you cretin.

    So Papa Ratzi is purging the seminaries, monasteries, abbeys? Oh well, he’d better keep a close check on the “straight” priests who molest little girls or boys (whoever is available) and what about the priest/bishop/cardinal philanderers, some who’ve even fathered children? One way to solve the problem is to close every religious house to ensure it never happens again. We’d all be a lot better of for that. Lets face it, the church is in decline, rotting from within, the sooner the better.

  3. Alan Warbrick 20 May 2008, 5:22pm

    Villian – the biggest disease in the world at the moment is the constant drip, drip, drip of poisonous homophobic spite and bile emanating from the Vatican. Why are you and the pope so fixated with anti-gay issues ?. I wouldn’t mind betting that you are a secretly closet gay yourself who refuses to accept your own sexuality. Am I right ? – why else would you be accessing what is a well-known and obvious gay site unless you had a sneaking interest. As for the pope and his screaming histrionics and gay hatred – perhaps he too is a closet gay who had more than few unhappy homo relationships while bumming his way round the seminary. Then again, he is german and history shows that the germans are more than partial to a bit of kinky ‘hows-yer-father’ as Berlin was well-known for it’s cross-dressing and drag act clubs in the thirties and forties. Perhaps his holiness is just not getting enough dick now he’s got the top job. Villian – you really must get out more and find yourself a proper boyfriend.
    Kisses on the bottom…XXXXX

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