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Human-animal embryos approved by Commons

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 20 May 2008, 9:49am

    “Conservatives argue that significant social problems are caused by the lack of a father in a child’s life, and that the legislation sends out a signal that fathers are not important.”

    “Gay rights groups argue that the “need for a father” provision is used to discriminate against lesbians accessing fertility treatments.”

    The tories are wrong. This is a vote for science and a slap in the face of the kind of depraved conservative, religious, greedy, homophobic mommies and daddies that foisted monsters like Mark Thatcher on an unsuspecting world. Little Markie, devout christian son of Margaret, is notorious for a career that includes being a businessman in the business of plundering oil from Africans and the wages of workers. Worse still, when he resided here in the US little Markie was associated with several US “security-related companies”, that is to say mercenaries friendly to another notorious christian oilman, George Bush.

    Thatcher was arrested for plotting to overthrow President Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, which coincidentally is sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest oil producer. The SA police said “We are investigating him on charges of contravening the Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Act. This is in relation to the possible funding and logistical assistance in relation to the attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea.” Little Markie pled guilty and ran home to his Iron Mama.

    It’s just a thought but while they’re at it maybe the law could be changed to permit parenting only by those trained by licensed lesbian and gay parenting experts, who can urge that children be raised in an atmosphere free of religion, wealth stolen from working people and other unwholesome Tory influences.