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Gambia’s President declares war on gay community

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 19 May 2008, 8:56pm

    DFID’s programme of direct assistance to The Gambia resumed in 1998 following parliamentary elections and the restoration of civil democracy in 1997. The Programme was focused on improving governance and social inclusion, and supporting the Poverty Reduction Strategy Process (PRSP). The Programme was reviewed in 2002 and DFID is currently supporting activities in four main areas:

    · Legal Capacity Building Programme – to improve the accessibility, impartiality and efficiency of the Gambian Judicial System.

    · Education sector – to enhance the capacity of Department of State for Education to implement the Gambia’s poverty reduction strategy in the education sector.

    · Financial Management Programme – aimed at the strengthening of public financial management in the Gambia.

    · Civil society capacity building measures including monitoring of the Gambia’s poverty reduction strategy.

    The UK remains the leading bilateral donor to The Gambia in terms of engagement in policy discussions – and one of the few with an office in the country. DFID’s direct assistance allocation for FY2004-05 is £3 million. The UK also provides a considerable amount of assistance to The Gambia through support for regional programmes and the UK’s contributions to multilateral organisations, such as the EU, World Bank and United Nations agencies. The UK’s imputed multilateral share was £2.6 million in 2001. You can read more about DFID and its assistance on the DFID Website.

    Well, well, well, that was certainly money well spent!!!!

  2. This is shocking behaviour from a country, how can people treat other people this way? I hate the idea of ‘religion tells me too’ as well, what proper kind of God would go telling you to kill other people? We, the UK, should be trying to stop this kind of thing…

  3. I thank God a million times that I was not cursed to have been borne in a place like Gambia with a murderous tyrant who believes he is God and running (ruining) the country! But then, sadly, i ask myself: if God really does exist, how can he let this happen? What is the purpose of it all?

  4. The tourist industry is one of The Gambia’s main sources of income. Gambia needs visitors. The vast majority of these visitors come from the UK through tour operators The Gambia Experience and Thomas Cook. Do they have anything to say or appropriate influence to bear in this situation?

  5. I have rang thomas cook and gambian experience and they both deny this and that there is nothing to worry about. I also rang the high commission for the gambia in the uk and was told a different story.
    Yes if you are gay or same sex sharing a room you will be arrested and could face a vary large fine (think your house) or even be beheaded. This came from the High Commission and the exact words were when I asked about 2 friends sharing a room to save money the reply was ” they would be arrested as how can we tell there not gay” I kid you not.
    This needs to be aired by the media as there are flights arriving in the gambia every day with same sex couples who have no idea about this and are heading for a whole load of trouble.

    1. warner harris 13 Feb 2013, 7:12pm

      Just don’t go to the Gambia it’s as simple as that a country run by a dictator who believes he can cure aids and has absolute control over the population didn’t bode well for your 2 weeks in the sun I’ve been there many times over the years and now will have nothing to do with the country there’s not much to do there other than lay in the sun and there are so many great places in the world to visit why take a risk jammed could turn at any moment he didn’t like foreigners at the best of times

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