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Pope re-voices gay marriage opposition following Californian judgement

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Reader comments

  1. Why oh why must the religious brigade continue in their opposition to gay marriage. We’re honouring the institution, not harming it.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 18 May 2008, 9:23am

    This dirtbag in Rome needs to get it through his thick, bigoted skull,that marriage equality in California, Massachusetts, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Spain, South Africa is a civil rights issue and has nothing to do with religion. Forms of marriage existed long before the abrahamic cults came along and tampered with it. They should look to their book of fairy tales in which there is not one reference to same sex-couples not having the right to marry. Why do they keep obsessing about our rights, our sex lives anyway?

  3. I agree Jason. We sent a link to the Vatican to our short on gay marriage & then we got all these hits from Italy. :) It’s crazy with the Catholic closet cases. Marriage is a basic civil right that should be attainable by all citizens if they choose. What does the Pope know about marriage anyways? Check out our short produced to educate & defuse the controversy. It has a way of opening closed minds & provides some sanity on the issue:

  4. Does it matter anymore? Who cares about what they think?

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 18 May 2008, 5:15pm

    David, no it really doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that the RC cult wields a lot of power and influence especially when conservative governments are in power and is the reason why in Italy they get nowhere with equality issues. Its also fueling the right wingnuts here in the U.S. and elsewhere. Over 70 million catholics in the US more than in most other countries, more than in Italy I think. Ratzigner hasn’t a clue about relationships and NO catholic priest, bishop, cardinal or pope is qualified to advise or judge on issues of morality let alone civil rights given their abysmal, abominable track record throughout the past two thousand years. It still has power to influence the outcome of legislation in some countries and they sure as hell try in the UK too.

  6. elizabet veldon 18 May 2008, 5:15pm

    another moment of unprecedented bigatory from those old Bigots in Rome.

    Why am I not Suprised?

  7. Well here in Massachusetts the Catholic hierarchy did everything in their power to prevent us from having equal rights. We just celebrated our 4th anniversary of gay marriage!! Their flocks still listen to them but they seem to be on the decline….

  8. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 18 May 2008, 6:31pm

    The wanton bigotry of the catholic cultists is intimately connected to campaigns of violence and harassment against us. The same is true of their kissing (killing) cousins the ayatollahs and fundamentalist protestants, particularly swine like Paisley, Pat Robertson and other bible fascists.

    Their opposition to same-sex marriage, in consort with their political partners in crime, the Republican/ Democrats in the US and the Tories in England are a rallying cry for thugs and skinheads. These violent scum fully understand the message that if we can’t get married it’s because we’re not quite human. And if we’re not quite human, if we’re subhuman, untermensh, second class citizens, it gives them an excuse for violence. Not that they need much in the way of excuses.

    The alarming numbers of murders and violent incidents in both countries are a testament to the deadly effect of the bigotry of catholic cultists and their political allies. The violence provoking bigotry of the cults, whether christist or islamist, should be harshly punished. They should be sued and taxed to the limit. They forfeit their cult’s tax free status when they put on their brown shirts. Their symbiotic relationship with rightwing and conservative political groups puts us all in danger.

    (To the editors, your new format is excellent. Thanks.)

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