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“Unacknowledged policy” places disabled kids with gay carers

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  1. I know several gay couples who are raising children here in the states. Some of these children might have well be aborted if there weren’t these gay couples to adopt them. And these people are fine, decent, hard working citizens of whom we can all be proud. Of course the conservative churches will howl, totally ignoring how hypocritical they are, when they talk about the right to life while castigating gays.

  2. Whilst there are still prejudices in the system, I don’t think things are as bleak in the UK as this might suggest. In our group alone, there are over 40 adoptive familes headed by gay people, and a similar number being taken through the process by an adoption agency. There is still a lot of work to be done, but a lot has changed for the better in very few years!

  3. …sorry, I meant to mention the the name of “our group” in my previous comment; it’s

    Here’s one more statistic… according to the DFES figures for the year ending March 2007, a total of 90 children were placed for adoption with same sex couples in England. You can see this report at

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