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April 2008

  • 27th April 2008

    Brian Paddick still gay choice, but Boris Johnson increases his appeal 4

    Brian Paddick is still wins the gay vote

    10:10 PM — In the final PinkNews.co.uk poll tracking the popularity of the mayoral candidates, Brian Paddick remains the clear choice of the gay community, although Boris Johnson has increased his popularity considerably.

  • Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown’s gay feud- Lord Levy’s book claims 14

    Gordon Brown shouted at Lord Levy according to his autobiography

    9:26 PM — The prime minister, Gordon Brown accused the former minister and European Commissioner Peter Mandelson of spreading rumours that he was gay, Lord Levy's autobiography claims.

  • 25th April 2008

    Travel: Orangutan adventure in Borneo

    11:34 PM — If you're an avid nature lover and a travel enthusiast then why not combine your passions for the trip of a lifetime? If exploring the depths of Borneo's rainforest while enjoying the spectacular wildlife on offer sounds like your idea of the perfect holiday then a trip to Southeast Asia could be just what you're looking for.

  • DIY disasters

    11:20 PM — Trying to save money by doing tricky DIY jobs around your home and garden can leave you more short-changed if you are forced to pay a professional to sort out your mess.

  • The year-round lush lawn

    11:15 PM — The idea of artificial turf may conjure up unpleasant memories for football supporters following several poorly received uses of it on the pitch at QPR and Luton in the 1980s, but for gardeners it may represent a dream of low-maintenance – if only it didn’t look like one of those green plastic doormats.

  • Money down the loo

    11:08 PM — You may not pay it much thought, but every time you flush the toilet you could be pouring money down the drain. Pulling the chain accounts for a third of all the water we use in our homes and that can add up to a hefty water bill, as well as being extremely wasteful.

  • Al fresco dining

    11:01 PM — For most of us the reality of eating outdoors does not always equal a fun-packed time. If you're not dodging wasps and other insects then you're getting sunburnt or rained on while waiting endlessly for some blackened piles of mush that use to resemble food to be dropped on to your paper plate.

  • Eurovision organisers meet with Serbian police to guarantee LGBT safety 3

    A record number of 43 countries will be represented at the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest

    4:29 PM — Organisers from the Eurovision song contest have met with Serbian police officials to discuss the possibility of homophobic violence at this years event.

  • New study brings hope for HIV+ people in developing countries

    In recent years there has been a maasive drive to educate African's about the risks of HIV infection

    3:56 PM — A paper published by The Lancet medical journal has revealed that patients who suffer from HIV may no longer need to have regular testing.

  • Brighton charity walk set to raise thousands for LGBT community 1

    Last year the walk helped the Stonewall raise over £40,000

    2:56 PM — The Stonewall Equality Walk in Brighton is just over a week away. This years event promises to be bigger then ever and organisers are hoping people will step up their fundraising in the final week to raise as much money as possible for Stonewall.

  • Latvian Pride marchers ‘fenced off’ for own good

    In 2006 gay campaigners were attacked with eggs and bags of excrement

    1:37 PM — The Latvian government has advised that next months gay pride event should be held in a fenced of area to avoid confrontation. Latvian Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis and Integration Minister Oskars Kastens have both said that next month’s Riga Pride and March for Equality should take place in an enclosed park.

  • Footballers launch anti-homophobia campaign in honour of Justin Fashanu 2

    Cover of Gay Times issue 154 from 1991 - Justin was the worlds first openly gay professional footballer

    10:08 AM — A campaign is being launched to help stamp out homophobia in British football. Justin is a campaign against homophobia in football that aims to, "vindicate the memory of Justin Fashanu, the world’s first openly gay professional footballer."

  • Students across America take part in ‘Day of Silence’

    The National Day of Silence is coordinated nationally by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

    9:17 AM — Today thousands of students across America will take part in a 'Day of Silence'. The National Day of Silence is a day in which students take a vow of silence to bring attention the bullying that LGBT students, teachers and other staff face in schools across the US.

  • 24th April 2008

    Jail term for homophobic mother

    Reeves has said that she will appeal against her sentence but was denied bail

    5:00 PM — A mother has been sentenced to 150 days in prison for leading her daughter in a campaign of homophobic abuse against a gay couple.

  • Television company fined for making gays look ‘normal’ 1

    Prior to 2003, homosexuals were barred from being employed in "sensitive positions" within the Singapore Civil Service.

    4:29 PM — Singapore's City State Regulator has fined a television station £5000 for featuring a gay couple in way that makes them look 'normal.'

  • Accusations of Gay Pride funding cuts described as ‘desperate and untrue’

    In a recent PinkNews.co.uk Mayor of London poll, Tory candidate Boris Johnson won just 12% first preference votes

    3:44 PM — Boris Johnson has rubbished accusations from Ken Livingstone's campaign team that he plans to cut funding for London's annual gay pride event.

  • Clinton campaign accuses Brown of neglecting gay refugees 2

    The Hillary campaign has pledged to "continue to follow this issue closely

    1:57 PM — Gordon Brown has been condemned by Hillary Clinton's campaign team for the UK governments policy to deport LGBT people to countries where they face persecution.

  • Scientists consider giving up search for Aids vaccine

    This latest report yet again sparks debate over how funds should be allocated

    11:05 AM — A shocking new survey has uncovered that the international community of Aids scientists are giving up hope of finding a vaccine for the virus.

  • Gay pride event banned by homophobic Moscow mayor 4

    The Mayor has referred to gay rights marches as "satanic"

    10:50 AM — The homophobic Mayor of Moscow has banned this years gay pride event. The Mayor, who has referred to gay rights marches as "satanic" has outlawed the march which was due to take place next week.

  • 23rd April 2008


    8:07 PM — When fans of comic books want to prove to doubters that such things are not "just for kids", as so many people seem to believe, there are a few examples they always use to demonstrate the point beyond doubt.

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