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Drunk who taunted a gay man to his death faces jail term

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Reader comments

  1. How can this happen? How can someone kill a gay man and get just 3 years? He pleaded GUILTY on a reduced charge, but his plea shows he DID cause the heart attack! There is NO JUSTICE for us in Britain. NONE.

  2. Steve Farrow 1 May 2008, 3:02pm

    I am Martin Gray’s cousin and am shocked at this outcome. Martin has been so strong during this..even putting his grief aside to attend my own Civil Partnership last year.The sadder fact is that the article is incorrect and that Malcolm’s death also caused his mother to pass away shortly afterwards due to her grief and the fact that she had nothing left to live for.So this guy is responsible for 2 deaths…not just the one that he has been charged with!How can this scum only get sent down for affray – and there is probably no way he will get 3 years as he will no doubt get a reduced sentence for pleading guilty. This should have been treated as the homophobic hate crime that it was and he should be locked up for decades!!!

  3. You must be devastated, I really sympathise with your hurt and anger. It shows exactly how we are still second class citizens in our own country. I am disgusted by the way this evil man has laughed at all of us through the law.

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