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29 April 2008

  • 29th April 2008

    Euro court: sisters can not have the same tax benefits as civil partners 6

    The European Court of Human Rights has rejected their case

    11:18 PM — Two elderly British sitters have lost their case in the European Court of Human Rights to allow them to avoid inheritance tax when one of them dies. They argued that British law treats them less favourably than a lesbian couple in a civil partnership.

  • Royal calls gay sex claims “spurious” 2

    Buckingham Palace say the Royal does not perform public functions

    10:13 PM — The Royal at the centre of the gay sex blackmail trial has declared the accusations of his sexuality as "spurious". The Royal, referred to only as witness A told the court in a statement: "As far as these comments about my personal and professional life are concerned, I can only say they are spurious and without foundation."

  • Anti-gay ‘Day of Truth’ fails to make its mark in US schools

    These flyers that were handed to students were printed by Exodus Ministries, a Christian organisation that claims it can 'cure' homosexuality

    4:08 PM — Gay rights groups across America have breathed a sigh of relief after the homophobic ‘Day of Truth’ failed to make an impact on American schools.

  • Drunk who taunted a gay man to his death faces jail term 3

    Horn, 49, then pleaded guilty to the charge of affray, which he had previously denied

    2:44 PM — A man who taunted a gay couple, one of whom died of a heart attack after the incident, faces jail. However, though certain to receive a custodial sentence, Robert Horn has been cleared of causing the death of Malcolm Bryan, who suffered the fatal heart attack during the confrontation in September 2006.

  • Ronaldo in transvestite prostitute confusion 2

    The national hero reportedly thought that he was going to a motel with a group of prostitutes

    1:58 PM — International football star Ronaldo, who is currently signed with AC Milan football team, has been questioned by police regarding an incident with a group of transexuals.

  • Obama ally defends HIV comments 5

    Rev. Wright’s comments caused trouble for the Obama campaign

    1:04 PM — Continuing to drive a wedge between Barack Obama and the hopeful new America his campaign aims to impart to voters, Rev. Jeremiah Wright further defended comments he made during a YouTube taped Chicago Sermon while speaking before a group of journalists Monday.

  • Man who stole from lovers gets jail 21

    Slovakian born Ivan Stefancik, 31, pocketed at least £9,000 from 10 men he slept with in a two-year spree.

    10:35 AM — A man who has been sentenced to 16 months in jail for stealing the possessions of men who he was sleeping with.

  • Report reveals disturbing divide in treatment of transexuals in the EU

    The legal survey is the  result of the largest and most comprehensive data collection on transgender people's lived experiences to date

    9:39 AM — The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA)-Europe and TransGender Europe have published a comprehensive report on the experiences of health care by transgender people in European Union.

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