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Boris welcomes rise in popularity amongst readers

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  1. The article can be found here:

  2. Since when have the Evening Standard been obliged to publish articles dumped on them by organisations with their own agenda?They highlight Boris’ gay stance. Will they be doing a dossier on ken Livingstone’s support for the rabidly homophobic islamic cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi?Somehow, I doubt it.

  3. Maybe Compass would do well to do a critique of Boris since his election as MP for Henley, so that we can see how well he has represented the wishes/interests of his constituents.I think we would all do well to remember that other than our interest in all things gay, other political decision do have an effect on our lives.His voting record amongst all the negatives that Compass have shown, shows that he was against a smoking ban, against ID cards, against student top-up fees and against Labour’s anti-terrorism laws. Not sounding so right wing to me so far.Also, interestingly, his voting record since becoming an MP shows 58.3% favourability in voting on ‘homosexuality – equal rights’. Not the best score, but certainly not the worst. Further interesting is that his voting record seems to suggest a favourable change in his attitude over his years in office, much in line with the stance of the Conservative Party as a whole.On the off chance that he does get elected, might be wise for the gay community not to cricify the guy based on the rantings of a left wing group with a clear anti-Conservative agenda, as it might just come back to haunt us.

  4. Realistically we surely do not have to worry that he will be elected cos I am damn sure the diverse electorate of London will not impose Boris on us all. Quite frankly it is laughable.

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