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Gay pride event banned by homophobic Moscow mayor

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Reader comments

  1. Yuri Luzhkov meets ‘Red’ Ken ? … love to be a fly on the wall in Paris

  2. they should go to strasburg!!! like gays in poland. gays from poland won. i hope that russian gays will win too.

  3. Your article is not perfect. There is two legal actions filed by Nikolai Alekseev against Moscow government in the European Court for Human Rights. Currently gays of Russia standing against Moscow government and planing to lunch FIVE DEMONSTRATIONS PER DAY DURING MONTH OF MAY – 155 actions per month! After rejection them by Moscow government, there will be filed 155 ligal actions in the European Court of Human Rights againast Moscow government. Nothing like this ever contemplated by gays for their whole history of existence in any country of the world.

  4. Gay pride event banned by homophobic Moscow mayor « MALE MODELS, SEXY MEN, MUSCLE BOYS, GAY ART GIFTS 22 Sep 2008, 1:46am

    […] pride event banned by homophobic Moscow mayor 22 09 2008 Gay Pride parade banned by Homophobic Moscow Mayor The Mayor has referred to gay rights marches as “satanic” […]

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