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Clinton campaign accuses Brown of neglecting gay refugees

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Reader comments

  1. Gordon Brown is a convinced devotee of St.Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians…he believes that queers are another inconvenient piece of human detritus along with all the others in the criminal classes.He opposed the Civil Partnerships Act and caused the Treasury to delay its implementation because tax and pension wise it put Civil Partnerships on a par with marriage.He believes this is wrong.He has never voted for any part of legislation to promote gay rights. As we can see from the 10p debacle, argument has little effect on Brown.Thete will be no further progress on gay rights legislation in the UK as long as Brown remains Prime Minister.If gay folk vote Labour in London and on May 1st, they are doing so on past performance and out of sentimental regard for what Tony Blair achieved for us against Brown’s opposition.Hazel Blear’s talks a load of Salfordian b***shit.You might convince ’em in Seedley ,dear, but not here.

  2. Bill Perdue 25 Apr 2008, 9:33pm

    The unending murder campaign against GLBT folk In the Middle East, the Caribbean and Africa by muslims and christians is chilling and demoralizing for our brother and sisters there. The statements by both US Democratic (sic) Party candidates constitute a net gain for our movement in spite of the fact that they were driven by rank election season hypocrisy on the part of Obama and Clinton. Both Democrats and Republican McCain have histories of pandering to bigots. They all three kept silent while the employment antidiscrimination bill ENDA and the Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes bill were axed by teh Democratic House leadership and Barney Frank. That’s why I think it’s deceptive to imply that Obama and Clinton support us and should get our votes. They no more support us than do Camerons bigoted conservtives whop just helped kill the hate speec bill. That delusion is based on the dodgy idea that politicians might do something other than lie during elections and then betray their constituents at their leisure afterwards. The cases of Medhi Kazemi and Iranian lesbian Pegah Emambakhsh highlight the double threat facing our people in Iran. There are disputes on the actual numbers but it seems likely that thousands of gays and lesbians have been murdered by the ayatollahs. The situation is immeasurably worsened by Hillary Clinton’s nuclear saber rattling and her lies about nonexistent Iranian nukes. Ditto for the support shown by all three candidates for the colonial zionist apartheid state and the invasion and colonization of Iraq. Those activities make it easier for the very unpopular regime of the ayatollahs to survive by scapegoating and lynching our brothers and sisters. Besides Iran, the other danger spot is Iraq. All three candidates flatly refuse to withdraw US troops. About six months ago we got word of a heartbreaking development in Iraq. They ran out of money and closed down most of their GLBT safe houses. They need safe houses because the US colonial administration arms muslim sects who’ve declared fatwa against our bothers and sisters and hunt them down and murder them by the hundreds. (Like all civilian death counts in Iraq there are just way too many people getting murdered by US, English and quisling troops to keep an accurate count.) None of the three candidates have addressed the US sponsored murder campaign except to vote to fund it.

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