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Government of Bahrain seeks to punish ‘homosexual children’

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Reader comments

  1. “The ministers have called for homosexuals to be ‘rooted out’ of hair salons and massage parlours:’Those people are either from the Philippines or Thailand and they come for these two jobs, which they use as a curtain for their homosexual behaviour and immorality.'”Extraordinarily TWISTED! The claim is that Philipinos and Thais WISH to come to Bahrain to practise their homosexuality and that to do so they use hair salons massage parlous as a curtain to hide behind. Such twisted nonsense! ANYONE who goes to live in a barbarous Muslim country (and they are ALL barbarous, in differing degrees)does so ONLY to earn a better wage than at home. There is NO other reason for living in a Muslim country unless you are a twisted masochist who wishes to be repressed and persecuted.”Shockingly, the proposal will instruct teachers to look out for homosexual tendencies in children and to ‘punish them accordingly.” More TWISTED still! Just imagine the mental suffering of those poor innocent you gay and lesbian boys and girls, as they are “rooted out”, accused, punished, and forced to behave in a way that is foreign to their nature.When I lived and worked in Muslim countries for many years I saw SO many desperately unhappy married gay men, trundling the pram around with the wife swathed in black. At work I saw how the straight Muslims still perceived that those men, despite the conformity and the attachment to wives, were gay . . . and they ostracised them accordingly, usually by a noticeable degree of social isolation. So if you’re born gay or lesbian in a Muslim country or environment, in short, you simply CANNOT win!

  2. This story shows once again that Islam is a fascist moron religion.

  3. What the… This sounds like a fake article from The Onion (fake news site). It is so sad– what can we do?

  4. I used to live and work in Bahrain for the national airline where the vast majority of it’s cabin crew were gay. I don’t know what’s happened to this country it’s such a shame as they were so tolerant and forward thinking.

  5. Terry Floyd Johnson 24 Apr 2008, 10:22pm

    Bah….rain is another country being spoiled by hatred and Muslim hardliners.These Muslim leaders now want to punish children….that’s a no- no and anyone who would do this is going to reap what they sew. Freedom to be who you are is a universal right…anyone who tries to force their innept, insane, and hide behind religion to get their rocks off by humiliating others who don’t live they way they want them to, have a hard time coming to them in the very near future. Tolerance, and allowing people to live free and to be who they are is a temperment any country in the world, must accept…don’t and you reap what you sew.

  6. Well…I am a reformed Born Again Christian…gay…. I say reformed cos I saw the insanity in Christianity sadly after 45 years suffering as a gay man with them.
    Barain is disgraceful I agree…. but I ASSURE you that every (so called ) Christian would GLADLY do the same thing to us if our uk laws allowed it. They would CERTAINLY beat homosexuality out of children I can thoroughl assure you.
    I DESPISE Islam with a vengence, I hate it more than I hate Hitler… and I get sick in my stomach when I see our government wooing Islamic rights….BUT I also DESPISE Christianity, for it is one of the MOST intolerent to Homosexual people.
    We need to fix ourselves and realise that UK is still travelling in the dark in many ways too.Abrahamic religions are pure evil.Islam is the mother of evil.

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