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23 April 2008

  • 23rd April 2008


    8:07 PM — When fans of comic books want to prove to doubters that such things are not "just for kids", as so many people seem to believe, there are a few examples they always use to demonstrate the point beyond doubt.

  • The Eye

    7:57 PM — For a young actress trying to prove her mettle, appearing in a horror film can seem like a canny move. So little wonder Jessica Alba has now decided to do a horror film and, specifically, a remake of a South-East Asian horror flick.

  • Fools Gold

    7:32 PM — It wouldn't be Spring without a bit of romance in the air, yet this month sees a surprising lack of films revolving around love and relationships. What we do get, is this unusual romantic comedy.

  • Comment: Mayoral candidates push for pink vote 1

    The free event was fully booked and described by Boris Johnson as, "the best attended so far"

    3:09 PM — Following Saturdays Stonewall hustings event, PinkNews.co.uk readers have one more chance to vote in our Mayor of London poll. Five mayoral candidates faced their toughest grilling yet at the Stonewall hustings on Saturday.

  • More outrage at EU anti-discrimination climb down 2

    The Czech Republic is also known to be opposed, while Sweden, Finland, Spain and the UK are strongly in favour

    1:47 PM — A new petition to convince the European Commission and Member States to bring forward a European anti-discrimination directive has been launched today by Liberal Democrat MEP Liz Lynne.

  • Gay men incorrectly sent for HIV tests by health insurers

    80% of frontline customer service staff gave incorrect information

    12:07 PM — Research has shown that many gay men are too often being sent to have unnecessary HIV tests when they apply for health insurance.

  • Government of Bahrain seeks to punish ‘homosexual children’ 6

    MP's have called for a study into how widespread homosexuality is in Bahrain

    10:59 AM — The government of Bahrain is taking action to stamp out homosexuals in the country. In a wide ranging set of proposals MP's have set out a number of initiative designed to rid the country of homosexuals.

  • Peers vote for freedom to criticise the LGBT community 27

    Religious groups will also welcome the amendment

    10:19 AM — Peers have made an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill that will protect the freedom of speech of comics, rap artists and those who criticise other people’s sexuality.

  • Clinton wins Pennsylvania following a weekend of gay campaigning 1

    Hillary Clinton has won Pennsylvania

    7:00 AM — Hillary Clinton has won the Pennsylvania Democratic primary election but she still trails her rival Barack Obama. With almost all votes counted, Mrs Clinton won 55 per cent of the Pennsylvania voters to 45 per cent for Mr Obama.

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