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16 April 2008

  • 16th April 2008

    Ken emphasises his gay rights credentials 22

    Ken Livingstone said he has been “at the forefront“ of promoting LGBT rights.

    6:10 PM — The Mayor of London will be taking to the streets of Soho this evening to try to drum up votes among the city's lesbian and gay community.Ken Livingstone said he has been "at the forefront" of promoting LGBT rights.

  • Australia may delay gay equality proposals

    58 laws need to be changed to grant gay, bisexual and lesbian Australians equal rights.

    5:20 PM — The government of Australia is considering whether or not to bring forward measures in next month's Budget that will give gay citizens equal rights in a range of areas.Last year the country's Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) report was presented to the federal parliament listing the 58 laws that need to be changed.Kevin Rudd's Labour party promised reform during last year's elections.

  • Harriet Harman will not face police probe over donations

    Harriet Harman won the Labour deputy leadership in June 2007.

    4:50 PM — Secretary of State for Equality Harriet Harman will not be referred to the police for her late declaration of donations to her campaign for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, the Electoral Commission has announced.She won the Labour deputy leadership in June 2007 and was made Secretary of State for Equality, chair of the Labour party and Leader of the House.Two donations totalling just over £6,000 and loans of £58,000 were reported to the commission late.

  • MSPs ask for more information on gay blood ban 18

    The petitions committee met yesterday afternoon at Holyrood.

    4:20 PM — A committee of the Scottish parliament is to ask the country's government and various blood and tissue donation organisations to explain why men who have sex with men are barred from donating.The petitions committee met yesterday afternoon at Holyrood to consider a submission from Mr Rob McDowall calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to review existing guidelines and risk assessment procedures to allow healthy gay and bisexual men to donate blood.

  • Male eggs and female sperm “science fiction” says report 4

    Women have two copies of the X chromosome but men have one X and one Y.

    3:50 PM — An international panel of scientists has said that while technology that will allow human egg and sperm cells to be grown from stem cells could be here in five years, the prospects of gay and lesbian couples having children that are genetically theirs are slim.The report from the Hinxton group of stem cell researchers said that because women have two copies of the X chromosome but men have one X and one Y, there are no circumstances they can forsee an entirely same-sex baby.

  • TV duo become civil partners in Chelsea ceremony 10

    The Scottish duo have told the press several times they intend to get hitched.

    3:20 PM — Interior designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan have become civil partners. The Channel Five stars held a secret ceremony in London last month.Details of their nuptials at Chelsea Old Town Hall in London on February 15th have only come to light now.They first announced their intention to 'tie the knot' in January 2007. Commenting on the delay Mr Ryan, 41, said: "For some reason, we have never got round to making it legal."

  • Brazil takes movie inspiration for condom campaign

    The posters were inspired by the advertising for the Hollywood film American Beauty.

    3:00 PM — "Do whatever you want, but do it with a condom," is the message to young gay Brazilians from a new campaign against HIV and AIDS.Government officials have defended targeting gay men, citing statistics that found there are 1.5 million gay men who have sex with men (MSM) aged between 15 and 49 out of a total population of 184 million.The director of the National Programme of HIV and AIDS, Mariangela Simao, said: "These groups are more susceptible to HIV infection."

  • Scandal MP’s son outshines Paris Hilton 2

    A number of tabloid newspapers focused on Henry Conway's sexuality, pictured centre with his mother and brother Frederick in the 2007 family Christmas card.

    12:55 PM — A man embroiled in of one of the biggest political scandals of 2007 has re-entered the limelight.Conservative MP Derek Conway was suspended from the House of Commons in January after being censured by the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee for paying his son Frederick £50,000 of public money for "work" as a researcher.Mr Conway's elder son Henry, who is gay, had received similar payments during his time at university, totalling £32,000.

  • Rainbow flag to feature in Mayor’s parade

    The Lord Mayor, councillor David James, has chosen the theme The people and diverse communities of Plymouth.

    12:30 PM — The Lord Mayor's Day Parade in Plymouth will feature a gay float this year.The city's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans residents will use a Rainbow Flag theme for their entry in this year's parade on May 17th.The Lord Mayor, councillor David James, has chosen the theme The people and diverse communities of Plymouth. The organisers of plymouth prideevent 2008 want the LGBT community's families and friends to join its float.

  • Ken hits back over gay World Cup funding 2

    London 2008 will take place in Regent's Park, with competitive and recreational competitions for both male and female teams.

    12:01 PM — The Mayor of London has said he is a strong backer of the 2008 International Gay and Lesbian Football Association World Championship being held in London later this year.The championship became an issue in the election for Mayor yesterday when LGBT activist and Green party candidate Peter Tatchell attacked incumbent Ken Livingstone for reportedly declining to contribute to the funding and or sign a letter of support for a grant application to the lottery fund.

  • Pope makes distinction between gays and paedophiles 27

    Pope Benedict XVI is in the US until 20th April and will meet President Bush and address the United Nations.

    10:55 AM — The leader of the Roman Catholic Church has spoken out about the sexual abuse of children by priests.Benedict XVI gave a rare insight into his views to reporters accompanying him on his first Papal visit to the United States, which began yesterday.In his comments the pontiff moved to dismiss the suggestion that he links sexual abuse of children with homosexuality.

  • DC Madam with links to Senators found guilty

    Prominent players tied to Palfrey's company via phone records include Senator David Vitter.

    10:35 AM — Once considered a viable running mate for Republican Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain, a federal jury on Tuesday found 'D.C. Madam' Deborah Jeane Palfrey guilty of money laundering and racketeering for running a prostitution ring.Throughout the trial, Palfrey, 52, maintained that her company, Pamela Martin and Associates escort service, provided legal escort services that catered to adult fantasies from 1993 to 2006.Palfrey, wearing a grey suit and with clasped hands, showed little emotion when the jury found her guilty.

  • Brothers and Sisters actor confirms he is gay 1

    The actor has been linked in the press with Prison Break star Wentworth Miller.

    10:20 AM — Canadian actor Luke MacFarlane, who plays the character of Scotty on Brothers and Sisters, has come out in an interview with the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail.Explaining his decision after years of speculation in the press regarding his sexuality he said:"I don't know what will happen professionally ... that is the fear, but I guess I can't really be concerned about what will happen, because it's my truth."

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