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Obama lags behind Clinton in Pennsylvania poll

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Reader comments

  1. Who knew that England had Clintonistas. This report by PinkNews and Ann Turner is irresponsible and clearly intended to give an unrealistic impression of the state of the primary race in Pennsylvania.If Ms. Turner had taken two seconds to background check this poll company she would have realized that it is a complete outlier company with very poor methodology which reflects in their TERRIBLE track record. ARG in consistently ranked in the bottom half to the bottom third of polling companies when surveyed on accuracy.If Ms. Turner had referenced one of the legitimate polls she would have seen that Obama has not been negatively affected in Pennsylvania and is still within 3-12 points, just where he was last week in the respective polls. Polls also show him closing in on her. That’s remarkable considering she was expected to win Pennsylvania by 15 to 20 points or more. If she wins by less than 10% it will be a significant LOSS for her.Since Ms. Turner didn’t bother to do her homework I’ll do it for her so that PinkNews readers will have the opportunity to be properly informed.Here’s an article on the ARG poll that gives some background information on the company and its accuracy:Here are some additional articles on the supposed outrage over the Obama remarks (which, by the way, were 100% TRUE!):Oh, and since Senator Clinton has decided to run her campaign from the Karl Rove playbook of backstabbing and dirty politics by using the Republican strategy of painting a Democratic candidate as “elitist” and “out of touch”, the way she did with Obama over the remarks he made; perhaps someone will ask her if she thinks HER HUSBAND was out of touch and elitist when he said EXACTLY the SAME thing when running for president in 1991:The bottom line here is (and you won’t hear this from Ms. Turner) Senator Clinton can NOT win the nomination. No matter how you add it up she doesn’t have the numbers to win without pulling a Superdelegate coup out of her ass to overrule the votes of the seated delegates and the popular vote. It seems at this point that she would rather McCain win if she can’t win. So I ask the people in the UK; do YOU want EIGHT MORE YEARS of the same BUSH policies? Hillary clearly does if she can’t be the Democratic nominee.