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Wales may get “ex-gay” ministry

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Reader comments

  1. Green has serious “issues” which he needs to resolve himself. I firmly believe that anyone so obsessed with the Gay issue must himself be hiding a big dark secret themselves and this is his way of dealing with his own dubious sexuality.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 14 Apr 2008, 1:45pm

    Roberto, most homophobes have issues, deeply seated ones at that and often are insecure about their true orientation. The well adjusted heterosexual would not react negatively to same sex attraction if he or she were truly secure in his or her own natural orientation let alone feel threatened by it. To digress somehwat, the homophobe in general refuses to recognise that sexual orientation is NOT a choice, it chooses us, unlike religion which definitely is a choice and a lifestyle. Ours are lives and command just as much validation as that of the heterosexual and how often do we hear an heterosexual orientation described as a “lifestyle” anyway?

  3. Green says “no one is born homosexual”. Hello? Where has he been? Has he never seen the transsexual people – female from the waist up, male from the waist down – and others whose homosexuality is simply part and parcel of who they are, just like heterosexuality is part and parcel of Green and his cronies. Get a life, Stephen Green, there are more scriptures condemning criticisers and judgers than there are condemning gay people. I am a Christian, I was gay for 25 years and I have been married in a heterosexual relationship for 20 years. I love this: “Mr Green also rejected conventional wisdom”. Well, there you have it – a judge! Just WHO gave you the authority to JUDGE, Mr Green? God will condemn you for your intolerance far quicker than He will judge a peace-loving, non-judgemental gay person. Take care of the FOREST in your own eyes before looking for the SPECK in others’ eyes! YOU HYPOCRITE!

  4. I look forward to the picketting of his little prayer group, in exactly the same way as he happily picketed our events.

  5. go ahead Mr Green , but heres one person who will see if it can be reported to the police. I am gay, born gay. I find it extremely offensive that you insult my very core and exsistance.

  6. GQ-SQ, I think you want to research your definitions on Transsexuality a little more thoroughly.

  7. apologies, wossname, I am confused between that and shemales. Are all “shemales” ‘converted’ males?

  8. I think you’ll find “she-males” are more a term for porno than anything else, GQ-SQ

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