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Berlusconi victory will stall gay rights in Italy

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  1. What gay rights?In order to “stall” something it has to be moving forward. In fact something has to EXIST before you can stall it.

  2. i would like had been president this in my contry i lives americana brasil sp i m italy gay

  3. Anti-Vatican Rally | Cornell in Rome 14 Feb 2010, 2:57pm

    […] While same-sex sexual activity is legal in Italy (which in the United States was only overruled in the Texas sodomy case Lawrence vs. Texas in 2003), LGBTQ people in Italy still find that they are not allowed the same rights and legal-protections as straight couples. Berlusconi is notably against the advancement of the gay rights agenda. Similarly, unlike many states in the US which recognize civil unions, no such institution comparable to marriage exists for queers in Italy. (See: […]

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