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Schwarzenegger to fight against gay marriage ban

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  1. Bill Perdue 13 Apr 2008, 2:53am

    Der Gubernator is probably eyeing Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat. She’ll be 78 the next time her seat is up for grabs and Schwarzenegger knows that there are about 1,000,000 GLBT voters in California. So he’s going to pull a Cameron, i.e., pretend to be for our agenda while opposing it in action. Schwarzenegger has a long and conservative history of vetoing legislation favoring GLBT equality although he did sign few of them. If he runs for Feinstein’s US Senate seat it’ll make little practical difference. Feinstein and Schwarzenegger are in different parties but their politics are the same, a common feature among Democrat and Republican politicians. Both are filthy rich and favor putting right wingers, who are usually bigoted against the GLBT communities, in the judiciary to protect the interests of the wealthy. In November 2007, Feinstein was one of only six Democrats to vote to confirm gaybasher Michael Mukasey as Attorney General. For the same reason both favor tax cuts for the rich, union busting measures like NAFTA and cuts in welfare and unemployment insurance. Both favor the war and its goal of capturing control of key resources like oil. Feinstein voted for the war and now, like Hillary Clinton, claims she was fooled by Bush. Both are lying.*Just last August Feinstein joined Republicans to give the government broader powers to monitor the phone calls and email messages of American citizens and was the original Democratic cosponsor of a bill to extend the anti-constitutional USA PAYTRIOT Act. * Hillary Clinton was in the White House while Bill Clinton was lying about WMD’s to justify denying food and medicine to Iraq, a policy which killed many children. Feinstein was specifically told that the WMD story was a fake by UN Arms inspector Scott Ritter.

  2. Leland Traiman 13 Apr 2008, 7:03pm

    Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has not changed his position on gay marriage. He still opposes it and supports domestic partnerships/civil unions. However, he is opposed to a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage because state law is already in place which does so. It is believed he is eying liberal Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer’s seat which is up in 2010 when his term as governor expires and he will not be able to run for re-election. Up until now there has been no mention of him running against moderate Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2012 when her term expires. Male senators serve well into their 80’s and sometime their 90’s so I think Senator Feinstein will run again and she would be much more formidable than Boxer.

  3. the 2 above comments are interesting and it suprises me that such detail does not appear in the article already.Compare these comments to Schwarzenegger’s own reported words on the matter, where the latter are missing any sense of intelligence or engagement with the issue. It’s an odd thing he says.. – legislation should favour allowing people like me (ie non American) to become (American) president (no betrayal of personal ambition there then..) ..but this particular matter (gay marriage) is a waste of time. God help us if the American people do eventually thrust this man on all of us throughout the world, and tragically, it’s well in their ability to go and do so.

  4. Dominick J. 14 Apr 2008, 4:22pm

    Leland Traiman writes: “Senator Feinstein will run again and she would be much more formidable than Boxer”************************************I think you have this a bit backwards.It’s Senator Boxer is the one who will prevail, she’s more of a fighter for Democrats and will fight for their rights while Feinstein is much to much a Republicrat, which she has shown more times than not for sidling up to helping Bush. Remember it was Her single vote on several instances that got the wrong people into their office. She sat beside Condi Rice showing her support for her all the while Boxer was grilling her and NOT getting any answers from her. Democrats where even thinking of censuring her for her vote for Mukasey! One thing is for sure about Feinstein, she is for “Womens Rights.”No I don’t think Feinstein will be in office for too much longer.The Terminator won’t get her job either ONLY a Progressive Democrat Candidate will. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. :O)

  5. Errol Smythe 18 Jun 2008, 2:19pm

    A spade is a spade. A thief is a thief. A murderer is a murderer. Wrong is wrong and right is right.
    A man should know that his plumbing is right. If a man thinks that his plumbing is wrong then he should get a check up from the neck up cause his thinking is wrong. A spirit of delusion to deny the truth has got a hold of him.

    A house has a front side and a backside. A man should know which side of the house he belongs to. It is sad when a man thinks that he is not a man and tries to be a woman. What an insult to his manhood and what and insult to the women.

    Genesis chapters 18 and 19 and Leviticus 18 verse 22 make it clear that perversion is wrong. Amen and Am,en. Let God be true and every man a liar. The truth will set you free. Errol Smythe

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