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Nigerian Sharia court punishes lesbian couple

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  1. Bill Perdue 12 Apr 2008, 9:56pm

    The ones who ought to be punished are the superstitious and sadistic practitioners of Sharia law. Whether Nigerians, Iranian ayatollahs or the US/English armed and trained anti-GLBT Iraqi jihadists they ought to rounded up and punished with the same sentences they hand out. All of their efforts have one thing in common; they are designed to intimidate and stifle opposition to repressive regimes by ourselves, women, trade unionists and students. In Iran the conservative islamist regime is on increasingly shaky ground because of its economic difficulties; Inflation, extremely high unemployment, especially for youth and university graduates and widespread poverty. Popular opposition to the policy of the US and some EU countries of backing Iran into a corner about their nuclear energy program is one of the few things that create support for the ayatollahs. But as the economic situation worsens we can look forward to the day when the Iranians take care of the ayatollahs the same way the Italians took care of Mussolini. Until then we have to continue to insist that the US, Canada, the EU etc adopt a policy of welcoming and protecting gay and lesbian refugees from Sharia law. And it’s just too bad if the Conservatives, the Republicans, the BNP and other racists and/or reactionaries don’t like it. They’re in a minority and for good reason.

  2. The nigerian courts actually got it wrong. They should have been executed by stoning. They admitted to sex with men aswell. They are deviants, listening to their own vain desires. Because of relaxed laws in the states there are now 25 million “gay” people, who are either too ugly, wierd or not confident enough in their societies to feel able to be attractive to the opposite sex, and the US has given them an option. Shows beemed into everyones tv say it not just ok to be a homo, its actually beneficial, people will see you, you will be different, belong, and all the songs and brght lights cover the fact that everyones unhappy, and society has let them down.

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