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Map of the world plots LGBT rights

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  1. We’ve come so far, we’ve got so far to go…

  2. ben, religion is not a precondition to morality. indeedd someof the most imoral people are religious.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Apr 2008, 7:05pm

    Rich, I agree, religion most definitely is not a precondition for morality nor does it have the monopoly on morality either. Take the Pope for example, representing a church that refuses to allow its missionaries to distribute condoms in third world countries where HIV/AIDS is pandemic, killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of people; its refusal to allow abortion in cases of rape and incest; the covering up of decades, perhaps centuries of child molestation by paedophile priests; its prohibition on birth control in developing countries and their refusal to allow catholic women the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy, even if a child is known to be badly deformed in the womb. Would you call that moral? I don’t.

  4. Bill Perdue 12 Apr 2008, 9:12pm

    Christianists, particularly the leaders of the roman and anglo catholic cults and the Russian orthodox cult are reactionary holdovers from the superstition and outright madness of the dark ages. Herr Ratzinger, Der Pope, with his history in the HitlerJugend and his rancid politics is an excellent example of why we call those cults perverse and degenerate. Ratzinger’s sect is based on an amalgam of the superstitions ‘mystery’ cults that emerged during the collapse of Roman rule. During the Dark Ages it morphed into a rapacious, bloodthirsty organization hell bent on accumulating wealth and power. Catholic cult leaders were the mainstay of the retrograde and devolutionary trends of feudalism. They organized the mass murders of jews, muslims, cathars, ‘schismatics’, ‘heretics’, GLBT folks, midwives, the poor, rebels and anyone who got in their way. It’s still the same organization today but the liberal use of the guillotine as a cure for clerical treason during the French Revolution and similar efforts in other nations have taught them to be circumspect. They try to keep a low profile but sometimes they just can’t help themselves. During World War II, when there was a real danger of a return to a Nazified version of the Dark Ages, and while little Ratzinger was merrily goosestepping with his HitlerJugend kameraden and busily trying to shoot down Allied aircraft as a Luftwaffe flak gunner, his papal predecessor Eugene Pacelli was praising Hitler’s war on ‘communism’ and pigheadedly refusing to condemn the Holocaust. That’s because until very recently the catholic cult referred to Jews as “christ killers.” Later Pacelli’s Vatican government was well paid for the central role they played in the escape of large numbers of Nazi war criminals, men like Joseph Mengele and Otto Adolf Eichmann who’d help murder millions based on centuries of official christianist anti-Semitism. The same christianist racist islamophobia paved the way for the recent genocide against muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Akinola uses it to whip his bullyboys into a murderous frenzy when he sends them out to murder muslims in Nigeria. We are born gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, transsexual and some are even born straight. But none of us are born superstitious. Freaks like Ben, Akinola, Ratziger and Rowan Williams have to learn to be irrational. They CHOSE their bizarre lifestyle based on a combination of miseducation and psychiatric disorders. Catholics, christianists and other cultists ought to think long and hard about the political and historic reality of their cult and do what they can to wean themselves from it.

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