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Gay Eurovision fans threatened by Serb thugs

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Reader comments

  1. Hmm, this is now the third story on PinkNews about the Eurovision/Obraz homophobic threats story. But something seems to be missing?What exactly did this president of Obraz say?

  2. I think its absolutely ridiculous, with the homophobia in Serbia. I currently live in the United states and have to not only pretend I am straight when i re-visit the country I was born in, but I also have to take extra security measures. People always know where I am going and I check in often with my family. I am fearful of someone acting out in violent way just because they suspect something, different, about me. What makes it even worse is I also have to stand for the criticism for the fact I am a Bosnian-Serb, I am a proud American, and a closeted member of the gay community.

  3. typically serbian gay organization managed to “forget” to mention the only lesbian cafe in belgrade.

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