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EXCLUSIVE: Rail company apologises for homophobic incident

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  1. Bravo, Mr Lechmand. These are the kind of people who deserve Stonewall awards. What a pathetic incident.

  2. Clive Freemantle 11 Apr 2008, 6:45pm

    Insulting words or behaviour which has the potential to distress anyone is a criminal offence. If it is objectively homophobic then it becomes an aggravated matter. I trust FCC are referring the matter to the BTP. To do otherwise may in itself be regarded as homophobic conduct.

  3. This Mr Lechmand certainly deserves our respect and admiration. i have always been puzzled by the number of heterosexuals kissing in airports or railway stations while gay/lesbian couples are i general very discreet. I used to travel a lot and when I saw gay people kissing good-bye it was always very discreet and quick. We should all become more affirming in public spaces, without any excess of course.Ben

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Apr 2008, 7:29pm

    Well done, Mr. Lechmand or is it Monsieur Jean Lechmand?To think we live in the 21st century and people object to same-sex couples from showing affection in public. What’s in a kiss for pete’s sake, no matter the gender? If straights don’t like it, then ban everyone from kissing in public altogether, then see how they like that! Goes to show there is a long way to go before we achieve full equality. People in general should just mind their own business and concentrate on the really serious things affecting society and everyday living. Maybe we need some of Stonewall’s posters plastered all over our stations, sea ports and airports…”Some people are gay, get over it”…seems appropriate here.

  5. My partner travels daily on FCC, and it is gratifying to see the train company take the complaint seriously – although I must confess I did have a titter when I first read the article. Of course, it isn’t really acceptable behaviour and it just illustrates that much more needs to be done to combat homophobia. Incidentally, my partner and I had a really unpleasant experience on a FCC train comimg out of london last year when another passenger who, having deduced that we were a couple, looked at us with utter disgust. I felt extremely uncomfortable, and wonder if I ought to have reported it.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Apr 2008, 8:57pm

    David S….another case of we’re here, we’re queer, get over it! Equally disgusting is the other passenger’s disgust. Let him or her go sit somewhere else if they don’t like it. Had it been me in that situation, I would have asked him or her politely if there was something wrong to warrant such a look of disapproval, just to put them on notice that we won’t be intimidated.

  7. The FCC employee should be fired.

  8. as the apprentice would say….your fired!!!

  9. I am a 50 year old gay man who happens to know the member of staff concerned since she was born. While I would condemn any attempt at homophobic behaviour I think this is a case of misguided intentions and I would hate this to be singled out as a statistically significant scoring of a diversity policy. We all make mistakes and I think she should be allowed to too. It was not a good thing she did but I most emphatically do not believe it was homphobic in the way it is being portrayed.

  10. i think the comments being made about this member of staff are uncalled for,i know the person in question and she isn’t homophobic,i have worked with this person and she has been out on many occasions with myself and my partner, who happens to be the same sex as myself.

  11. Whilst I am an active gay rights campaigner and will always get on my soap box to defend homosexuality id invite people to know the whole story first… The FCC employee in question is indeed my best friend who would never intend to hurt anyones feelings let alone be homophobic. She was indeed acting on advice given to her and whilst she may not have articulated herself in the correct manner she is NOT guilty of being homophobic

  12. Horse Lover! :-) 17 May 2008, 9:10pm

    This is utter bollocks! I too know the Girl involved and i too know for a FACT that she is NOT homopobic, her best friend is gay, i am gay and so are loads of other people that know her and i know that they would agree too that she is a little sweetie! Lets face it guys kissing in public causes straights to over react and she was believe it or not acting in their best intrest as someone had threatend to attack the couple. Its a shame that you have all made such an issue over this and made this poor girl so depressed! You all make me sick! The girl in question is NOT HOMOPHOBIC! Shame Madam Boswell cant be a bit more supportive of her staff! Most other companys would have put a comment out like “We are investiagting this” not slaged their staff off. Oh and the Alan Sugar wanna be get a life.

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