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Anglican leader condemns gay death threats

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Reader comments

  1. This cowardly, snivelling excuse for an Archbishop isn’t even worthy of licking the shoes of a true man of God such as Abp. Desmond Tutu.

  2. Hear hear Roberto.You took the words right out of my mouth.What a spineless, immoral, irrelevant douche bag this sorry excuse for a man has turned out to be.How’s about finding some balls and standing up for gay people, the Episcopal Church, Bishop Gene Robinson and those standing up for a Christlike and inclusive Anglican Church instead of constantly placating, cowaring to and ass kissing the hateful, radical and unChristian bigots like Akinola.

  3. Well put Zeke! Can I add your comments to mine as they sum up brilliantly the characteristics of the spinless creep residing in Lambeth Palace!

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