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Sir Ian McKellen: coming out politicised me

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Reader comments

  1. I’ve heard this argument that gay people in the UK have preferential rights because they are given the second class status of Civil Partnerships which straight people are denied.That would only be true if gay people were allowed marry or have a civil partnership.Giving gay people a second class and separate status for the sole purpose of distinguishing their relationships from the “sacred”, traditional, preferentially considered first class status of marriage is HARDLY a case of giving gay people more rights than straight people.That argument is absurd.Bottom line, gay people and straight people should have access to marriage and civil partnerships. That will be the only way that gay couples and straight couples have true equality.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 5 Apr 2008, 1:54pm

    Zeke, Sir Ian McKellen hit the nail on the head during his keynote address to Stonewall’s Equality Dinner when he said the following:”Indeed civil partnership made us the only country that discriminates in favour of gay people as straights are not allowed to have a civil partnership.”

  3. Dinner with a war criminal – what a thrill!

  4. George Broadhead 7 Apr 2008, 10:33am

    Sir Ian said: “why doesn’t the Archbishop of Canterbury demonstrate the particular attribute of God which is that God is a welcoming God?”Isn’t this a rather strange claim coming from someone who I had always assumed to be an atheist?

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Apr 2008, 1:01pm

    George, he is an atheist, as am I. What he is saying I think is that christians believe that their god is an all-loving god, therefore a welcoming god, one who does not judge otehrs. Apparently, the vast majority of them don’t adhere to what their god preaches even though they claim to know “it” so well and can speak in authority on its behalf. I think Sir Ian clearly is having a dig at Williams.

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