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Kennedy pushes LGB but not T workplace protections

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Reader comments

  1. Mame du Bois 5 Apr 2008, 1:04pm

    Why is it that a group who is most vulnerable to discrimination because their outward appearance betrays their private life, is constantly denied protection under legislation that is designed to protect against that same discrimination. I don’t buy the ‘we will add it later’ response. This happened in the state of Queensland in Australia. Transgenders fell through a discrimination loophole and had no protection in the workplace – despite widespread support within the civil rights movement and many in the government – it still took over a decade for the legislation to be amended. The Transgender community has been at the heart of the Gay community. We have always been there with bells on to fight for Gay rights – We should stick together on issues like this. All For One And One For All

  2. elizabeth 5 Apr 2008, 8:58pm

    fun isn’t it? I’m amused to see, yet again, how the Mainstream of the Queer Rites movement will dump Trannies when they no longer serve their needs.

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