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Gay rights group pays tribute to Bertie Ahern

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Reader comments

  1. William - Dublin 2 Apr 2008, 7:45pm

    “Gay rights advocate resigns as Irish Prime Minister”???I beg your pardon?Are you people in PinkNews for real? This a continuation of an April Folls joke? Who wrote this nonsense? Bertie is no advocate of gay rights! Yes, he makes pretty speeches from time to time when he goes to delightfully cordial cheese and wine receptions in our Gay Resource Centre (Outhouse), but that’s about it.In Ireland, orientation discrimination is unlawful… except if you’re a teacher in a school. Religious institutions like the church, or church run schools, can lawfully fire someone for being gay. Is this the “gay rights advocate” you are talking about in the headline?His party only decriminalised homosexuality in “support” of gay rights simply becasue the European Courts told Ireland to do so. It wasn’t the magnanimous humanitarian gesture Bertie makes it out to be. We’re one of the last countries in the EU to have any partnership rights (as in we still don’t have any), and even at that Bertie and his party will leave out gay adoption, and it will not be on par with marriage.I’d suggest your “journalists” get some education on Irish current affairs in relation to gay rights before attempting another ridiculous headline like this. What’s next, the headline “Mugabe, gay rights advocate, sadly steps down”

  2. Colin Kavanagh 2 Apr 2008, 8:50pm

    Bertie Ahern is not a gay rights advocate, most of the reforms that have come in where down to threats of action from the EU. I have already emailed your publication about your lack of knowledge on Irish affairs. First of all, Bertie and his party voted down a comprehensive civil bill that would have been on par with marriage and allowed adoption as well. What the govt are planning to bring in is a very weak piece of legislation which will not equate solely to gay couples. Really you people need to do some research and stop publishing rubbish. This is absolutely hillarious, I actually thought it was a joke when I saw it. Get your facts straight and remove this rubbish.

  3. William - Dublin 6 Apr 2008, 4:21pm

    “for the lesbian and gay community he will always be remembered as a friend and an ally.”Oh, indeed, indeed. We will all be eternally grateful for the barely tolerant attitude of him and his party to “gays”, the bare minimum legal rights, and a partnership agreement that will be, I’m sure, proof read by the catholic church before it becomes law. Yeah, we’ll miss Bertie all right, a true fighter of gay rights. What a load of crap!With “friends” like this, we’re truly f*cked. All Bertie does is pontificate at the impotent Gay Lesbian Equality Network cheese and wine receptions and discuss the “awful plight” of gays, but does bugger all else. Perhaps if the Irish gay community gave Bertie a “donation” he’d be more of a “friend and an ally”… he’s partial to large wads of untraceable Sterling, it seems. Who writes this crap for pinknews? A room of blind monkeys with typewriters could produce a more accurate story than this rubbish.

  4. Con- Dublin 9 Apr 2008, 10:52am

    Gay Rights Advocate….get your facts straight before you publish such statements…Living in Ireland and believe me Bertie has done very little in fight for gay rights in Ireland. Our Right are always put on the Long finger. There have been two civil union Bills which have been voted down. He and other ministers have said that gay people will not civil marriage….It is full marriage or nothing at all. You call that an advocate? You need to look into a bit more before you publish articles like this!

  5. stretchneil 9 Apr 2008, 11:28am

    Shame on pinknews for publishing such utter nonsense.Mr. Ahern has blocked any attempts at civil partnership legislation for years now, as well as allowing exemptions for religious institutions (schools, hospitals) from employment equality legislation to continue.Shame on you for publishing this.

  6. rofl… yeah April fools. rofl.

  7. Pól Ó Cionnaith 9 Apr 2008, 2:13pm

    Jaysus, couldn’t agree more with what’s been said here already – PinkNews, you’ve really embarrassed yourself in front of your Irish readership with this one.Ireland’s progress in gay and trans rights has been mandated by Europe, and our anti-discrimination legislation has such a hole in it that gay teachers in more than 90% (yes – NINETY per cent!) of our schools can’t live openly as a result of his party’s kow-towing to the Catholic Church.Further, Ahern and FF have made plenty of positive-sounding statements on partnership law over the last few years without producing any concrete action, and they’re vehemently opposed to marriage and any adoption rights for same-sex couples – even second-parent adoption for couples already raising kids.Incidentally, I’m no advocate of the softly-softly approach, but I wouldn’t be too hard on GLEN – if it wasn’t for their constant lobbying, the possible-maybe-someday partnership law we;re expecting this time round would be an utter joke.As it is, Ahern’s party are looking for every excuse to keep it minimal.The best you could say about him is that he hasn’t been an enemy to LGBT people in Ireland. Calling him a friend shows a level of ignorance of Irish LGBT affairs that is grossly insulting to your Irish readers.Must do better!

  8. Gay FFer from Wexford 9 Apr 2008, 2:55pm

    Bertie was always a friend to Gays in Ireland. When homosexuality was decriminalised he supported it vociferously. He didn’t need to do this because the law was not enforced for decades but served as an insult to Gays. He is a conservative Catholic but he isn’t the kind to base his politics on such beliefs. The Zappone/Gilligan case in the Supreme court is delaying the introduction of partnerships in Ireland but irregardless of what happens Fianna Fáil are commited to bringing in recognition for Gay couples in Ireland.BTW, he is innocent of wrongdoing re:Tribunal and will be proven so.

  9. Cheezypuf 9 Apr 2008, 7:25pm

    Under Mr Ahern’s leadership his government has voted down two civil union bills, and has told us that we won’t be allowed civil marriage. Although we’ve been promised a watered down version of a civil union bill at some stage in the future, the deadline for this has passed, with no further comment or commitment from the government.His government has fought Gilligan and Zapone tooth and nail through the High Court. They are a lesbian couple who were married in Canada and who applied to have the Revenue Commissioners (tax authorities) recognise their marriage for tax purposes. The government has also taken a Supreme Court challenge to Lydia Foy’s recent High Court victory. Ms Foy is a transgender dentist who had applied to have her birth certificate changed, and at great personal expense and difficulty won a landmark High Court case to achieve this.The Department of Social welfare recently settled a discrimination case brought against it in the Equality Authority by an elderly gay man who had applied for a free travel pass his male partner. He was denied this pass, even though it would have been available if his partner had been a woman. In response to this case, the government introduced legislation to copper fasten its right to refuse free travel in such circumstances, even though the Equality Tribunal held that this was clearly discrimination in the provision of services on the basis of sexual orientation.We are far from equality here in Ireland, and Mr Ahern has done little to address this.

  10. i thought this was an april fools joke there for a while. I really did!! Any gay rights we have are thanks to Europe not Bertie “stonewall” Ahern (lol)!! His government are actually fighting a lesbian couple seeking recognition of their relationship AND a transsexual who just wishes to be legally considered a woman and you champion him as a gay rights advocate?? Are ye serious?who the hell wrote this shit? please take down this awful article!!!

  11. Ian - Dublin 9 Apr 2008, 8:54pm

    Gay rights advocate resigns as Irish Prime Minister.In other news, Chinese leaders have today been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  12. In regards to rights for gay couples, Bertie Ahern has many qualities one might associate with a drum – he’ll make a loud noise in support of gay couples, but his policies are essentially hollow.

  13. I see one of the previous comments has been deleted, I assume by the editor. Whats wrong Mr. Grew, not able to stomach any criticism on your ridiculous ‘article’?

  14. Does Pink News not do any proper research for its articles. The article applauding Bertie Ahern for his ‘gay rights’ was laughable.Yes, Bertie helped the Peace Process in Northern Ireland. He was indeed a good Prime Minister in many ways. But please do not say he was a gay rights advocate.He and his government has fought against gay rights for years. They rejected two same-sex civil status bills and oppose any laws favouring gay couples, etc.

  15. This article is a jokeIt is misleading and inaccurate. The Irish Government were the first government in Europe to actually introduce discriminatory laws in the last 10 years against gay people. The Fianna Fail lead government actually in 2004 introduced 2 discriminatory measures against gay people – s.19 of the Social Welfare (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2004 – inserts into statute discrimination against same-sex couples for a range of welfare provisionss.39 of the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 – specifically discriminates against same-sex couples in terms of access to benefits And then we have this article calling the man a “Gay rights advocate” based on one speech Many gay people in Ireland are laughing at the incompetence of pink news over this articles

  16. William - Dublin 13 Apr 2008, 1:27am

    Indeed Ian. But without any response from Pinknews on this, I can only assume its esteemed author, Mr Grew, is quote happy to remain uneducated about GLBT rights in Ireland and to continue to write this kind of ill-informed tabloid garbage by way of an article on gay rights in Ireland.If Pinknews can get this so wrong, how can we be sure of the accuracy of the other articles?

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